Sunday, March 21, 2010


If you have anything to suggest, a new project, any idea about how to improve the blog...anything. It's here!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting the HSDS on a steaming site; just a suggestion, you guys should create a group/playlist for HSDS on veoh, it will be more organized and makes things so much easier when you guys release different projects.

Anonymous said...

could you guys sub the series PS Man
i heard it is really good

Heaven and Earth said...

So sorry to respond so late to your suggestion...PS Man has got a great team subbing it already so we are not really needed. But thanks for the suggestion (^_^) I am currently watching it too. How are you liking it so far?

Anonymous said...

Any chance you can release in soft sub? The reason being is that some of us have certain versions of .mkv's and looking for softsubs and it will be easier for us to edit if we see something wrong with it, or may want to edit it. But I love your site though!

TaijiPhoenix said...

I think it would be awesome if we could sub Book and Sword: Gratitude and Revenge, the 2002 series. Currently I am only able to find subs for episodes 1-8.

Anonymous said...

hi, is it possible to suggest subbing for The Myth/Shen Hua staring Hu Ge. The one that is produced by Jackie Chan. I don't think anyone is subbing it

Soysuva said...

@ Anonymous June 18, 2010

I don't think we will sub that because it has already been sub at viikii.

Anonymous said...


OMG!! THANK YOU!! i didn't know it was already sub. well off to watch it now :D thanks again Soysuva and for replying.

Heaven and Earth said...

Wow, you guys are finally using the suggestion page (^_^)

Sorry, I can't sub nor recommend subbing BSGR, I hated that drama!!! I loved the male actor, but I couldn't even get pass ep2 or 3...or whatever it was. It was a total yawn! yawn! I think that is why subbers stopped at interest:(

I am wondering if we should sub San Guo/3 Kingdoms...80 episodes O.O and I tend to find Chinese Historical pretty boring, so I really don't know. But some of my favorite actors are in there...and I am wondering if this new version is good? Maybe do it as a side project in ViiKii?

Anyone got any other suggestions? I am also running out of dramas to watch...anyone got suggestions for moi?


Anonymous said...

Would you guys do english soft sub srt files for Journey to the West 2009? I really cannnot watch this online because I lag bad. I think more people will watch this if it has english sub without having to watch it online in viikii.

Thanx in Advance

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

I'm here to sugguest some drama that I think would be good to subbed. I been searching through alot of wuxia drama, but havn't watch any of them, because it didn't have any english sub. In other words, i don't know if its any good, but u guys can look it up and decided it for ur self.

World's Finest(Tian Xia Di Yi)2005


Meteor, Butterfly, Sword 2010
(Liuxing, Hudie, Jian)



The Adventure of Lu Xiao Feng 2007


Mei Gui Jiang Hu (Rose of Jiang Hu) 2008


The Legend of Big Flag Hero (Da Qi YingXiong Zhuan) 2006 *this one looks good*



Anyways, thats all the series for now. Maybe when i find more i can sugguest more, but please look it up and see if u guys are interesting in any of them. Maybe then I can help u guys on timing.



Heaven and Earth said...

Thanks for listing those drama suggestions!!! I saw Meteor Butterfly up to ep4, and it is GOOD!!! It is sub worthy:D

I actually read a Chinese article about this show verse HSDS and Meteor Butterfly was actually more popular. So I do hope we can get some translators to sub this.

As for the rest of ur suggestions...I haven't got to them yet...but I will tell you once I can give you an opinion.


Anonymous said...

oka. I hope u like them all and would sub them all. That would be help to those who dont know chinese.
Remember to post up ur review in here, i will come n check it out.


Heaven and Earth said...

I hate to watch low quality videos too...but if I can't find anything better...I do with what I got:D

As for translating it while watching...sorry Zack, that is not going to happen!!! I plan on enjoying it...if I start subbing...I don't even watch it bec I am only focusing on the words. If I do find a better quality raw, I will let you know in the suggestion page. As for Meteor Butterfly, I searched it on Tudou...someone has created the files for ep1 & ep2, but they have not upload, so you will probably have to wait a little bit for them to upload it.

And if you want us to translate any of these dramas, find me a dedicated translator to work on anyone of them, then I will help to translate the drama. So I will advertise for you right now!!!^^

Dedicate, proficient Chinese - English translators wanted to translate any of the above dramas!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Zilly,

It's really up to u. I really have no one esle. My best option is u. You could be my translator. I know you have a load of works left to do. I guess you'll have to watch them all and see which is good and then you can decided which to translated. IF you don't want to translate any of them because you don't like it then its up to you too. I could help to do the timing if you willing to translate....


Anonymous said...

can you guys sub Let's Go Watch Meteor Shower 2? i know it's being subbed on viikii and all but i won't be able to see it until i reach QC status. so it'll help if you guys can sub that. i'll even offer to time if you guys want.

Lets get Digital said...

I have a suggestion that acutally fits your fansub group name loL!

It's called
Legend of heaven and earth - the Beauty Mermaid

I've always really loved this series and would almost sub it myself but just doing the subbing and timing takes too long, and I still can't find any raws, I do have the dvd but don't have the right programs to make it into avi or any other format.

If you are interested in doing this, I'd defitneily help out!

Oasi Fansub said...

Is it possible subbing the new Wang LeeHom's movie "Love Announcement" (aka Love in Disguise) ???

Anonymous said...

Hello, what dramas are you guys planning put eng sub on.

Heaven and Earth said...

ViiKii has started subbing Meteor Butterfly Sword:D Here is the link:

I hope you get to watch it sub complete.

And so sorry everyone, to have forgotten this page! I will come check this more often.

Sorry, we will not be subbing Let's Go Watch Meteor Shower 2. Just be a little patient, soon you will be able to view it once the license has been finalized. There are many dramas out there that you can watch during the meantime.

Lets get Digital & Oasi Fansub,
Sounds intriguing!!! Thanks for your suggestions, I will go check it out and let the both of you know^^

I watched video clips for both, here are my replies to your suggestions.

Lets get Digital,
Legend of heaven and earth - the Beauty Mermaid 天地傳說之魚美人, I was only able to find the old verison 2002...not really interested in subbing it. Your link didn't work for me at

LeOasi Fansub,
Wang LeeHom's movie "Love Announcement" (aka Love in Disguise) looks pretty interesting and I hope it do get subbed soon. As of right now, we don't have enough members to sub any new projects. You can easily just open a channel in ViiKii and get people to sub it. As long as you can find the raw HD videos. Movies are very easy to sub as they are usually only a few hours long.

Belladonna said...


I would like to express my appreciation once again for taking the time and effort to translate the Myth 2010 series to English speaking people with no Chinese comprehension skills whatsoever. :)

My only suggestion regarding the whole Viikii/sub debacle would be, to perhaps release the whole translated files in softsubs/.srt files. Considering that HD raw files of the series are readily available, the srt files would save you much time in comparison to hard-subs (the Korean drama fandom has employed this for as long as I could remember, and there has been no known problems to date.)

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for subbing Butterfly Lovers!

I only got to watch the first 13 eps, but I love it! I was devastated when I couldn't find eng subs for the rest of the series. >_<

Thank God you kind souls picked up! ^_^

Ummm...not to be a leech, but could you also sub Bold Beautiful Woman?

It's a gender bender with a strong female lead (I love strong girls xD)and takes place in a corporate environment(I think). The drama looks pretty good, in my opinion anyway.

You guys are the best!

Thanks for reading my comment! =D

Heaven and Earth said...

Bold Beautiful Woman has been subbed by Pomi a million years ago. Go find it.

If the .srt files are ready for release, then the hardsub video is ready for release. No know problems...I know plenty of problems, but I will let you figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Please upload HSDS ep 22 on youtube!

Anubhav said...

Nice Work you guys are doing.
It would be nice if you could sub some old TVB wuxia shows like :
1 . The Flying Fox of the Snowy Mountain 1985
2. The Blood Stained Intrigue 1986
3. The Zu Mountain Saga 1991

I have seen these shows many years back in my country's language, they were dubbed and aired on TV.
But now all i could find is Mandarin dubbed or Viet dubbed and i don't understand these languages at all.

Anubhav said...

Please make subtitle for
Brothers under the skin
Land of the condors
The Grand Canal
Return of Luk Siu Fung
The other side of the horizon

Anonymous said...

hello, the myth is already subb at i was wondering can u guys help subb Meteor, Butterfly, Sword 2010 please please. thanks

Anonymous said...

please...can u make subtitle for The Myth 2010?cuz all the video at viikii are nowhere to be found..only episode 1 till 3 are working at viikii

Anonymous said...

hi there,
it's more a question than a suggestion. regarding the last night of madame chin, the story sounds rly interesting. where did you get the raws, coz i was looking for them somewhen last year when i first read about it here, but wasn't able to find anything.
and regarding the myth ... it'd rly rly be nice, if there is a chance for softsubs [same goes for the rest of madame chin] :)

tq, arík

Anonymous said...

can you sub Shen Hua please? other sites claim to have it on stream but most of their episodes are missing.. plus if you do youll be the first subbers to release it in hard/soft subs ;D a feat which would be greatly appreciated by fans and watchers since no other fansub groups are bothered subbing such an awesome drama. :)

TaoJessy_陶婕曦 said...

I'm addicted to 甄嬛传, the Legend of Zhen Huan. Maybe sometime you could sub it? Viikii only subbed it up until episode 11, and now I'm sad because I'm addicted and don't know what to do! My Chinese is too poor! I'd pay to see all the episodes subbed!

Heaven and Earth said...

甄嬛传, the Legend of Zhen Huan is pretty good:D I finished it. Would need some really good translators to sub this drama as it has very difficult chines and so many episodes lol. I wouldn't want to sub this even if you wanna pay us bec it really is difficult, we would need like a 100 subbers to do it. But I don't think you need to pay to see it sub, as it is fully subbed in Viki, no? Just really weird/difficult directions to see the subs.