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Hi Everyone, 

Zilly is back!!!!!!!! And Happy Halloween to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please ppl, don't tell the secret, let everyone find out for themselves. It is way more fun this way!!!xD All may participate but do not be offended if all are not allowed the treat^^

There are 2 treats!
1. Treat are only for ZillyFriends^^
2. Treat are for HSDS fans!!! Thank/blame ternetzi for giving me this idea:D:D:D
  • This one works like this. If anyone wants to play along and guess correctly, I am thinking in Novemeber we will release as much HSDS episodes as possible...of course only to correct Trick-A-Treaters (^_^)
  • U guys got to know, I work 2 jobs and I am totally in demand with all my friends to go out. But if I put my mind to it, I think I can do 1 episode a day on the weekends...I think ~.~ But I would have to work on an episode 24 hours straight with no sleep:p So don't kill me if I can only finish 1 or 2. 
  • No clues are given to anyone here:D But you can guess whatever you like and even if the answers are all wrong, if it is entertaining, contributors can vote on who can get the released episodes of HSDS.
    • Do be creative and be as entertaining as possible!!! We get nothing out of this and we are really low on enthusiasm to sub or do anything! We need encouragement!!! Or donations!!!!!!!^^ Whatever!!!!!! Inspire us to SUB for you!!!!!!!
  • For all fans who don't want to play along, they can wait until November 30th to see the next episode. 
  • Working on episode 21 this weekend, don't know how far I can get with it...but I will do my best!
And contributors, if you have any suggestions, please do comment and play along:D

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Look forward to great zilly humor from Zilly and all of us!!!
Hi Pomi 
Please DO NOT release Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre, episode 16th to the public!!! Please check your V inbox. As I recall all your complains and frustration in working on this drama all by yourself at the beginning...I think it is only right that you (& I have a little fun at our watcher's expense). You KNOW Zilly can't go on for long without playing jokes, or

Zilly wouldn't be Zilly!!!

Dear All,
As a special celebration to us, especially to Pomi (I think he needs to have a bit of fun...he has been working too hard) we are having a Happy Easter: Evil Zilly Humor: April Fools!!! If you want to see ep16, send your emails to zillypomi (at) gmail.com with Ep16 as the subject line. Only the first 100 emails will get the link to see ep16. 

You can write a comment expressing how you feel, how much you enjoy or hate our Happy Easter: Evil Zilly Humor: April Fools. Now comments should not be mean...you can complaint all you want, but no insults or name calling. You can be creative. If we do get offensive comments...I think we should keep HSDS episode 16th...forever...the missing link!

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