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You think we are doing an awesome job and wanna thank us, then buy us a drink (^_^) If you would like to donate $6, $10 or more to thank us for our work, it would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!!!

Heaven and Earth Fansubbing Group Great Wall of China Tour in 2016
All the staff of Heaven and Earth have been doing nothing except work, work and more work since we started in March 2010. finally put some fun back into our lives^^...we have decided to go on a Great Wall of China Tour in 2016. We would love it if fans can donate enough money for all our staff to go to China, run around the Great Wall, and finally get to meet each other^^ Whoever wants to go on the trip is welcome to join us:D

Soysuva College Fund
Soysuva is one of the hardest working Heaven and Earth staff member, with wonderful skills in video editing, encoding and design. As you all know, a good college can be extremely expensive in the US, costing more than $30,000 per year. If you would like to help support a very bright, aspiring video editor for the future, please donate to Soysuva's College Fund:)

Please send an email to ZillyPomi about your donation and specific the use for it. To donate, just click on Faire un don logo. Everything is in French, so just use google chrome web browser to translate the words. Or you can just read the translated version below.

Heaven and Earth

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