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Pomi is off to China for language studies.
Zilly is busy!

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Please put a noticeable subject, such as "H&E", "HnE", or "Heaven & Earth"

Want to join? E-Mail Us: & cc:
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Name (Name that you want to be known as on the internet and within our group):
Position Wanted: (for list of positions see below)
Language Proficiency Level: (Translators & Editors only. How many years studied, fluent? Etc...)
Can you read Chinese: (Translators & Editors only)
Experience: (Yes/No - If yes please give details.)
Why do you want to be part of Heaven & Earth?
Which Heaven &Earth project(s) do you want to work on?
Where is your location, your GMT and what amount of time can you dedicate to our fansub?
What computer skills, such as programming, graphic or web design experience do you have?
Other: You can fill this with whatever info you want to share with us.
List whatever talents or skills you have and what you would like to do or want to learn from Heaven and Earth.

Staff Recruitment - Positions Open
Translators: Mandarin, or any proficient Chinese - English

Role Description of Contributors
1. Project Managers
a. Responsible for each project.
b. Recruiting and managing project teams.
c. Prioritize project task, create schedules, and furnish links.

2. Encoders (No experience required)
a. Hardsub videos.
b. Add Heaven and Earth logo onto hardsubbed videos.
c. Upload videos onto, mediafire,,,, or hotfile.

3. Video Uploaders
a. Upload videos from, mediafire,,,, or hotfile to youtube and (dailymotion might be a possible list to upload too the future for back up).
b. Create video torrents to post on:
c. Each time you add a torrent to d-addict, it will create a topic. Complete the topic that will be created for each episode added.
d. Make sure when you upload to youtube or dailymotion the video is unlisted. Make a post on the blog of the unlisted video.
i. Add a description of the drama
ii. Add a description of the video: size, resolution, frequency, etc.
iii. Add a link to Heaven and Earth fansub group.

4. QC & Editor
a. Check softsubs.
i. Check for grammar, spelling, punctuation marks, etc.
ii. Correct timing as needed.

5. Typesetters
a. Font stylist for the text
b. Place the text on the right position in the middle at the bottom of the video.
c.  Make sure text is big, but not to big for viewers to see.

6. Timer
a. Time the video for the subtitles.

7. Translator
a. Translate the langauge into english.
i. You most be fluent in both languages.

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Belladonna said...


I would like to express my appreciation once again for taking the time and effort to translate the Myth 2010 series to English speaking people with no Chinese comprehension skills whatsoever. :)

My only suggestion regarding the whole Viikii/sub debacle would be, to perhaps release the whole translated files in softsubs/.srt files. Considering that HD raw files of the series are readily available, the srt files would save you much time in comparison to hard-subs (the Korean drama fandom has employed this for as long as I could remember, and there has been no known problems to date.)

movie freak said...

Yes, please!!
I second that, could you not please release the softsubs first, and can work on the hardsubs to be released later?

Heaven and Earth said...

Sorry, we don't plan on releasing softsubs...unless you can give us a real good reason. And no, being a fan is not enough of a reason.

Anonymous said...

When will the rest of the eps to heavenly sword and dragon saber 2009 be uploaded?

Heaven and Earth said...

HSDS is completed and all eps has been uploaded into our hotfile acct.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so the rest of the eps won't be uploaded to youtube?

Heaven and Earth said...

We would love to post all our episodes on our account in Youtube, but we really have no one available at the moment. Please help us to look for someone. Thanks!

Bernie said...

Just curious when you'll continue to hardsub The Myth considering you got a lot of money for this job. ;)

Anonymous said...

Is this site still active? The download link does not seem to work anymore.

Anonymous said...

Would you please re-upload HSDS on some other service, the HF links are dead.
Much appreciated.