Sunday, March 14, 2010


Fan Bing Bing and Vic Zhou in Last Night of Madame Chin

We are currently working on these 4 dramas. Please vote for the one you want to see the most so our fansubbing group can expedite the process for all our royal fans. And of course, don't our royal fans!!!

  1. Dwelling Narrowness
  2. iPartment
  3. Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 2009
  4. The Last Night of Madame Chin 2009

Please recommend a drama you would like to see with English subtitles. If our group likes it, we will add it onto our drama projects. We really do appreciate comments for improvement and praise for all our hardwork!


Heaven said...

Pomi ~ u are really amazing...and...I really want to do the things u say...but.but...I really don't know how?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Chnent!!!
~ Heaven

Doremii said...

I would appreciate it if you used your own creativity instead of stealing DoReMii's content. Even if it is only blog data it's not a good idea to establish yourself as a real fansub group (rather than viikii translators) by starting out stealing other people's content. It just sets up a bad image of yourself from the beginning.

Plus it just seems a little improper to copy data from a fansub you know is doing some of the same projects.

Kevin said...

Looks like someone doesn't like competition. Stealing content that you do not own in the first place is so funny. One of my oldest friends is an American actor that dubs for anime in some of the big companies. I will tell him this joke, he will think it is so sick.

Pom45i said...

I am not sure what you're talking about. We're establishing yourself as a fansub group, because we are fansubbers, that's it.
And we're using viikii content because we were the one who created that content, who furnished that effort so if we're using our own subs, I would dare say it isn't stealing.

And since personnally I started subbing I partment (the only drama we are competting (for now) with Doremi) 6 months ago, I would dare say that I knida feel right to be part of the hardsubbing.
We of course welcome a copperation with fansub.
We've already proposed a cooperation with JiangHu for Heavenly sword and dragon saber, even if they didn't want it.
Hence we're proposing our own subbing.
If Doremi managers contact us we'd gladdly accept a cooperation for I partment.

Now, I've copied the staff recrutment requirements from doremi website, just because I came accross it and I'd figured it requirements match our need. I could also have taken the one from Eternal fansub or any fansub. All fansubs need the same things in their staffs.

I can replace with any other form, if a doremi's admin contact me, it's easy I am on D-addict.

Earth said...

We'd really like a warm welcome from the fansubbing community. We're a new fansub and even if most of us subbed for a quite a long time, it's still a new experience to start our own fansub.
I don't think any of us wants and deserve to deal with petty comment such as the one Doremii posted.
Doremii is a fansub we all respect, so I really do hope it wasn't a comment from them but instead from a misguided user who used their name to give himself more weight.

Doremii said...

I write EVERYTHING on the blog personally so its a little disheartening to find someone just taking it so casually that they don't even notice they copied more than what they were after. Even I was a little embarrassed by your mistake and was trying to point it out. I wasn't trying to start a fight.

I speak for all DoReMii mods when I say, its nice to see another fansub team focused on Mainland dramas. Chinese drama fansubs are sparse to start with, and Mainland ones just don't really exist. If I wasn't shocked that the first thing I saw on your blog was half of DoReMii's main page, my first comment probably would have been much more amiable.

DoReMii has dealt with competition several times before, its not something that bothers us that much. And as history has shown, we are usually open to collaborations. Though, as far as I'm aware, no one has tried to contact us to inquire about the use of our team, resources, or personal DVD copy.

Pom45i said...

As you can see, the blog is still under construction.
None of us as any experience in managing and/or creating a blog/website.
So we're trying to have something functionnal the faster we can. So we can focus on subbing, managing the projects, recrutting... In the process, I believe the blog will be changed a great number of time, we will use a website, add a forum, and any other modification we can and we will think of. We're thinking of embedding videos, adding some part to post articles about China, and I don't know what else. The blog is far from looking like what we want it to be. But we need something to start. It's hard we're learning while doing, make errors, start again many time, try to find ideas and way to produce them.
We're trying very hard to have something serious starting, and we're really sorry for the inconvenience it caused you. It's true, I don't take the time to notice this kind of thing. It's a little overwhelming, I am drowning under everything,and I don't take time to realise my mystakes, thank you for pointing them out.
I will completelly change the recruttement text tonight (I guess it will still be kinda alike since it is what we'll ask of our contributor, but I'll try very hard, so it will look as different as possible).

Pom45i said...

About I partment, we haven't contacted anyone yet, for similar reason. We have the DVD, we have the subtitles ready until episode 10, we just need a QC and another encoder to start releasing at a big rate. Contacting Doremii staff for a collaboration came to my mind many time, but there always was something more urgent to do.
We want first to have a solid team ready, before taking the responsability of a collaboration. (and I kinda thought that once we started releasing our hardsubbed, if Doremii's subbers working on this project found the quality sastifying, they will cntact us).
The first episode should be upload tonight, or tomorrow morning, the second two day after. Hopefully the release reate will accelerate with our number of contributor and with the amelioration of our staff's skills.

bill23142 said...

ok so like you say we take credit for someone else work now your trippin over a blog. would you look at viikii heaven sword page and compare the staff to this page. The blog doesn't even look a like and whats up with competition. Doremii fansub is a well respected fan subbing group i couldn't agree less but competition if you speak for them i think i have less respect for them. We all work for fansub so is it really competition? is anything copying? is the internet open for all? you see viikii's content streamed over hella sites we worked on those hard too, so should we comment every dam site and complain how they have our content? Dam ya need to chill.

bill23142 said...

I think i said too much but it pissed me off when i saw Pomi apologize over this. You don't owe them any apology at all!