Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Release

Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber (2009)
Episode 7

With a little luck, episode 6 should be uploaded in less than 24 hours. Timing is nearly done. We really need a Quality Checker to ensure the quality. With our tight schedule, we kind of skip this part, so the quality this gives us is far from what we hope for our fansubbing team. (By Pom45i)
  • By the way, there is basically only one person doing everything--->>Pomi
  • With Bill helping out when he is not busy with school and stuff.
  • With everyone else trying to learn how to do anything...sigh...even Bill is in training:{
  • -This is Bill, and yeah I'm a bit busy with school (track sport and hard classes and all). I'll try my best still, just assign me an episode that isn't so rushed. btw, I'm waiting for episode 9 to finish, send me the link to sub file on viikii afterward, and I think I'm done training, considering I have been practicing on lots of video and it seems fine. I just had trouble uploading last time due to an old computer, it should be fine now (=


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you hard work!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Bill, I am SO HAPPY u know what u are doing!!!!! I am such a newbie:{ I didn't even know negisub and notebook is a software:{ (This is where I can really use that "bang the head against the wall" unsmiley:{

tishafi said...

thanks for the invite Zilly!!!...this seems like a lot of work to be done

pree said...

Hi , It me Mint0017
well, congrat with your new home and look great.. I vote for Ady an..hahaha..