Sunday, April 25, 2010

Episode 16

Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber (2009)
Episode 16

Finally, we release it on the blog. (I felt bad for Zilly to have to answer at every message, though I am sure she had her fun). Anyway, it's here. there is 3 different file for this episode. the v2 had some editing, so the overall quality of the subtitles should be a lot better.
I still haded the v1, because as you can see the size of the files are a little surprising. Anwyay, you've got the choice.

I've sent episode 17 for encodign and uploading, it shouldn't be long before it is added to the blog. I promise, as soon as I have the megaupload link, I'll add it on the blog.

We're still looking for staff. As you can see we're all busy with exams, other projects, our lifes...

Hence, it will take even more time to release episode 18.


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Darkarchon23 said...

hey is there a training course for timing/encoding. i am definitely willing to learn and help seeing as i have a lil bit of time off coming up soon(hopefully). though i must say in the next 2-6 months i will probably be called back to active duty dont know when. but while i am here i am definitely willing to help and once i get to my new duty will continue to do so.