Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter: Evil Zilly Humor: April Fools:D

Hi Pomi 
Please DO NOT release Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre, episode 16th to the public!!! Please check your V inbox. As I recall all your complains and frustration in working on this drama all by yourself at the beginning...I think it is only right that you (& I have a little fun at our watcher's expense). You KNOW Zilly can't go on for long without playing jokes, or

Zilly wouldn't be Zilly!!!

Dear All,
As a special celebration to us, especially to Pomi (I think he needs to have a bit of fun...he has been working too hard) we are having a Happy Easter: Evil Zilly Humor: April Fools!!! If you want to see ep16, send your emails to zillypomi (at) gmail.com with Ep16 as the subject line. Only the first 100 emails will get the link to see ep16. 

You can write a comment expressing how you feel, how much you enjoy or hate our Happy Easter: Evil Zilly Humor: April Fools. Now comments should not be mean...you can complaint all you want, but no insults or name calling. You can be creative. If we do get offensive comments...I think we should keep HSDS episode 16th...forever...the missing link!


Ayumuki said...

that's so mean....

Heaven said...

I find u so zilly^^ It is not like I won't let you see it, forgodsakes!!! Then THAT would be too evil of me (^_^)

Anonymous said...

are you trying to get Pomi spammed? all of a sudden a few hundrede emails will make its way to Pomi!

this seems more like a bad joke on Pomi than a way to get the heavenly ~~ link

Anonymous said...

Nah:D that is not Pomi's email:D It is ZillyPomi's, which means Heaven's email:) And I know Pomi won't bother with these emails...therefore...it really is Zilly's spam mail:D But so far...the emails has been entertaining:D:D
p.s. Pomi went along with Zilly's joke...and he is even worst...he sent me a fake link to ep16...so if any of you get a fake ep16 link...it is NOT Zilly's fault!!! It is ALL the doing of EVIL Pomi!!! As you can see...this is why ZillyPomi get along so well:D

Pom45i said...

No, you're right. Zilly is bukkying me again :) and badmouthing. It wasn't my fault if this was the wrong link ***angel*** Anyway, I rapidly sent her the right link, so if she takes too long to send you the link, don't hesitate to spam her account. (And she's right, I won't bother to answer the mail, I let Zilly enjoyes herself)

Nee said...

Thanks for the hard work, everyone! Ep. 16 was great. We are finally getting to the first climax (I suppose that's what you'd call it). Keep up the good work, and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Anonymous said...

so is episode 16 still not posted? you guys are still hiding it from us :(