Friday, May 7, 2010

Episode 18 Subbing & QC Process

Translators / Subbers: Zilly & 125032
Please translate/sub following the below timing slots. Use the above Episode 18 Raw video to create your timing and subs. In our blog, create your own Episode 18 Sub file. Please don't publish post, just save. So we will have file draft: Episode 18 Subs by 125032. Zilly will have Episode 18 Master File. The master file will be the edited/qc file for encoders and timers to use for the next step. 
Subbing Time Slots:
1-10 minutes: Zilly
10-15 minutes: 
15-25 minutes: 125032
30-? minutes: 

Whoever finish their subs can start subbing the time slot from 10-15 minutes or 30 minutes to the end of the video. But please let us know so we don't do double work. And if you are having problems with some of your subs, you don't know it, then just skip it. But if you can guess at the meaning, please make the subs RED so I can check it. When your subs are ready for QC, please post in our Chat so Editors/QC will know.

Editors / QC: MexicanHat & Darkarchon32
When subs are ready for QC, we will notify you via Chat. So please check it. Create your own Editing/QC file draft in our blog. Please don't publish post, just save. So we will have file drafts: Episode 18 Subs QC by MexicanHat, Episode 18 Subs QC by Darkarchon32. To create these files, you just need to copy the subs from the subbers that you are editing. But make sure to check the Master file first so you don't do double work. During your QC, if you make changes, please make the words GREEN

Project news and progress like this will be posted on the Project page in the future. Contributors, please check Project page or our Chatroll for further updates. Please use the above Episode 18 RAW video to time, sub, and edit. And please communicate via our Heaven and Earth Chat. If you are starting or are done with your project, or if you have questions, just post via Chat. If you need the old messages, just click on Zilly's name or bunny picture, click on Heaven and Earth Chatroll, then Archives. Only registered users will have access to the Archives. If you can think of anything to make our job easier or improve our process, please let us know. THANKS!!!

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