Tuesday, October 12, 2010


On his birthday Bill wished that The Myth will be hardsubbed...and...I volunteered our team:D I hope everyone can help out to fulfill Bill's birthday wish^^ The Myth has been sub completed on ViiKii by Bill, many of our Heaven and Earth team and various ViiKii contributors. We just need editors, timers, encoders to complete this project. Please let me know who wants to work on this!!! 

  • Bill please add me as a Moderator on The Myth channel so I can complete this project!
  • Pomi has the srt or softsub files...I just need to find them as Pomi is on his China tour...I am sure he is having a blast but I so wish that he is here!!!
  • Or does anyone know how to get the srt files from ViiKii???


Soysuva said...

Happy B-day Bill!! ;D Wish you'll have a great day today!! ^_^

Soysuva said...

I can be encoder and uploader! ;D

Heaven and Earth said...

Yay!!! So glad to hear that Soy:D

Soysuva said...

also I need to find raws first, and download it. but I think I can handle it. Doing this as a special gift and wish for Bill!! ;D

Bill said...

lol thanks Zilly and Soy

Soysuva said...

oh zilly, pomi never had softsubs for this. Only for episode 20. @Bill, glad to help and this is the only thing I can do for you as a special gift for your birthday. ;D

Anonymous said...


I have sub files for all eps of The Myth - they are not timed but all the subs are there. They are word docs.

Let me know if you would like them.

(Side note: anyone who is a qualified contributor on viikii can get the untimed subs by copy/pasting them in a notepad/word/etc - there is a simple procedure for it)

JackGoosebump said...

Hi dangermousie,

How do I get access to all the subtitle for The Myth episodes 1-50?

Anonymous said...

If you want them, I can have them in a mediafire/or MU folder (alternatively, if you are a QC on viikii, there is a thread in The Myth channel which details the procedure for getting the subs).