Tuesday, November 30, 2010

That Love Comes

Rating: ***.5

Genre: Romance
Episodes: 12
Cast: Joe Cheng, Bu Xue Liang, Li Fei Er, Sun Jian, Emma Pei

"Small town girl Ye Zi arrives at the big city and works in a small convenience store. Ye Zi’s father died young and she left home early to repay her mother’s debts, and at the same time she also supports her younger brother with his studies. Although life is difficult, Ye Zi still believed that as long as you persevere, you will obtain happiness. In what looked like an ordinary day, Ye Zi prepares to return her final loan hoping that from then on she can start with her brand new life. However, fashion photographer Xia Tian unintentionally enters the convenience store and has an unexpected encounter with Ye Zi. After a series of circumstantial errors, Ye Zi’s dream of repaying her debts almost got destroyed. In the middle of the night, Xia Tian realizes the mistake and immediately goes back to the convenience store and returns the money. Having gone through a day of emotional torment, Ye Zi cried silently upon receiving directly from Xia Tian’s hands the money he returned which still held his warmth. This is her in the city, feeling the warmth amidst strangers for the very first time. At the other end of the city, fashion photographer Xia Tian and top supermodel Flora are being called the golden pair, successful and famous. However, Xia Tian’s innermost desire is a simple and straightforward life, he longs to become a wildlife photographer. His girlfriend Flora cannot forget the life of fame and fortune, and Xia Tian gets tired of dealing with her until he finally chooses to break up. In Ye Zi, the convenience store girl, Xia Tian saw his own desire for pure happiness. The distance between them may seem remote, but Xia Tian cannot help but be attracted by Ye Zi, finally he imitated Ye Zi and started to believe: as long as you persevere, happiness will certainly come.."

This is another great story that was ruined by its' production. Although the actual story was pretty good, the way it was shown wasn't that great. Like most of the watchers, I believe that about 1/6th (or more) of the drama was either flashbacks, opening sequences, or ending credits. Truthfully, if you were to cut all the unnecessary flashbacks, you would probably have about 10 episodes instead of 12. I think it really says something about the quality of a drama when they take up time by adding in useless flashbacks. There were also numerous inconsistencies, but most of them I cannot specify because I would end up spoiling things for prospective viewers. I have to say that I loved the opening song as well as some of the other songs used in this drama, though. In short, this story is a nice story, but be prepared to fast-forward through the numerous flashbacks.

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