Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Butterfly Lovers Update!!

~Update on Segments/Time~
Ep 2 is done timing.  I have Ep 3 to 8 segments done, but I have to edit the timing, as it's a little off, since those are the episodes I used with aviSubDetector.
Subtitles for episode 2 are complete.  Ep 3 needs subs, as not all suPublish Postbs on viki are on it. (NOTE: I didn't put the subs on the segment file yet, so subbers might need to go and fill that in.  If I have time, I might do it.)  Ep 4 to 8 have no subs and status is pending.
~Editing And Others~
I only did a little editing for episode 2, while timing the video. Some edits were done by JKSubs.  Credits, already added and typesetting/font styling is almost done for episode 2, but not for episode 3 to 8.  Done encoding episode 2, just need to make the file smaller and do some final converting.

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