Sunday, December 12, 2010

Heaven and Earth Staff Update

Holiday is approaching and many of you are getting off school and ready for some nice and relaxing fun times with family and friends. And many of you will also have time during the holidays to work on our blog and we can resume our subbing projects. Please comment below and let me know when you will be back!^^ Thanks!

Here are some of the current updates. More will be added later.
1. Zilly, Ternetzi, Maxis, and Soysuva are back!
2. Bill will be back once exams are done.

1. The Myth episode 1 has been edited. Final edits in progress...very slow. Soysuva will encode.
2. HSDS episode 21, Maxis is done with final edits. Soysuva will encode.
3. Butterfly Lovers episode 2 is in progress. Timing by Soysuva.
4. iPartment episode 5 is in progresss...this will be very, very slow. Project by Heaven and Earth &
5. Ternetzi needs someone to upload episode 16 of iPartment so she can sub it on Viki. Bill will segment.  
The Myth project will be released in HD. For this reason and all the other video files that we are creating we will need to either get a premium account with Megauplad or use another internet account similar to Megaupload. And there was a fan who did offered us the use of his account, but I do not know enough about these internet account limitations and benefits to guide us correctly. Please give us your opinions and knowledge on what internet accounts we should get for our videos so everyone can enjoy free translated videos. And if anyone is interested in donating to pay for the account, we would love this for our Christmas present^^


Heaven and Earth said...

You guys have to admit, my new bunny is so cute!^^

shhh said...

that bunny pic scares me xD

Heaven and Earth said...

well...shhh...bunnies seem to be bad for u :P