Thursday, January 6, 2011

H&E Goes Tweeting

Hello, my name is Willy and i am the newest (for now) member of H&E team. H&E have so many fans out there so that we think it's a good idea to have someone in charge of communicating with the fans and somehow, that person is me. You probably have seen a person with a nickname of WillySR on the ChatRoll recently. Yep, that's me B-)

My role on H&E is quite simple. I have to maintain our (new or existing) fans spread around the world. It's a not an easy job, but i found it interesting and challenging.

Follow Us @ TwitterAs a start, we have just created a new Twitter account for H&E (HE_FanSub). We do hope that all of our fans can follow our Twitter to get information / news about our project releases and other news about our group. It's still relatively new, so don't expect to find hundreds of postings yet, but i assure you, it will be updated regularly. If you are truly a fan of H&E, you can start following our Twitter and start writing back to us. Any ideas, suggestions, and comments (hopefully positive ones) can be sent to our Twitter account.

My last announcement is that all HSDS releases are now available in HotFile links besides MediaFire and MegaUpload. You can get it all from Episode 1-21 (HF link for episode 22 will be available when episode 23 gets released and so on for future releases).

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