Sunday, January 2, 2011

Single Princesses and Blind Dates

Rating: ***.5

Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 30
Cast: Jimmy Lin, Dylan Kuo, Zhao Jing, Hong Xiao Ling, Chen Yan Fei, Xin Zi

"The 25 years old Le Tong Tong (乐彤彤) has two best friends Lala (拉拉) and Bamei (八妹). Three days ago, the conversation between the bride-to-be Le Tong Tong and her fiancé was recorded by the office’s hidden camera. The video about their breakup immediately was spread in the office.

Then came the shocking news that the young and beautiful newcomer in the Advertising department will replace Tong Tong as the bride. The humiliated Tong Tong tells a lie that she already has a new sweetheart. Everyone in the office, except Tong Tong’s two best friends Lala and Bamei, is full of expectations to what will unfold. Tong Tong comes up with the “Blind Dating Plan” overnight and vows to find a husband who is N times better than her ex. She will even give up all chances for promotion and will spend all her vacations and evenings in six months on blind dates. The story of the single princess and blind dates unfolds."

Although this series was charming and worthy of a viewing, there were some things that could have been a lot better within the series. Most of them were just from the production of the drama and not the story itself, though. For instance, unless I am mistaken, they used dubs for the main character instead of having the female lead's voice. Truthfully, I don't think they should have done this. If the actor cannot properly speak, then they should find another actor that can. I mean, the acting wasn't very good anyway, so why did they do extra work by voicing over it? When someone voices over the audio, it creates audio that is too clean. There is no background noise to it, and it makes it very unnatural. Not only that, whoever did the voice dubs has the most annoying voice I've ever heard. I think I've heard her voice before in another series, but I cannot remember the name of the series.

Another production mistake was the spelling of Carey's name. In the first episode, her name was spelled Carry, but around episode 29 they suddenly started spelling it Carey. (I'm not talking about the subtitles here. Both of the spellings of her name is on the original film.) Not only that, but Carey was shown eating a non opened chocolate bar. Like the actor pretended to open it and eat it, but it was obviously never opened.

I also have to point out that Fang Yan seemed to know things that he wouldn't have been able to know unless he was stalking Tong Tong. At first I didn't find him creepy at all. However, as the story went on, he got more and more creepy. I think that the writer didn't consider how the character would know these things.

In any case, I believe this drama was pretty good. Even though there were numerous problems, I still enjoyed it.
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