Sunday, June 26, 2011

New iPartment Heaven & Earth Team

I am very glad to say that we have acquired an experienced team for our iPartment project. Please give a warm welcome to our new & old members :)

We still need help for the following positions: Encoder, Timer, Typesetter & Translator. Our main encoder is having her computer fix and there will be no video releases unless we can get encoders to help out. 

Here is a new practice video of iPartment preview for you to enjoy by Cgem. I think she did a great job! It is a really fun video, please watch and give Cgem your thoughts. All credits are not actual. If you think we need a better quality raw, please let us know and give us the link to find it. Thanks!

New iPartment Heaven & Earth Team
    • King: Project Manager, Translator, Editor, etc.
    • Cgem: Timer, Typsetter, Encoder, English Editor
    • Ternetzi: Timer, Translator (Main iPartment translator from ep1-15)
    • Willy: Coordinator & Manager of What! (You need help, go to Willy^^)
    • Zilly: Chief Escaping Officer (Don't ask me to do it!)

 Watch this video and help us choose the subtitle font for iPartment!



iPartment (Chinese: 爱情公寓; pinyin: Ai qing gong yu), is a sitcom from Mainland China. It was first produced and aired by Jiangxi TV in August 2009, with 20 hour-long episodes. A second series has been greenlit after casting calls were being held, mentioned by the show's official blog. The i in the title is a reference to Ai , the Chinese term for "love".

The concept is loosely based on the American sitcom Friends, the show details the lives of seven people in their mid-to-late 20's who are neighbors in an apartment building. Each person has a profession of their own and often get into unknown escapades.

Although much of the show is filmed on location, iPartment contains a laugh track. The series uses a cinematic-style approach with fast-paced editing and transitions, much like the British comedy series Spaced. There are also frequent references to more recent events and culture in China, which are portrayed accurately.

iPartment tends to combine genres such as drama, mystery, thriller, slapstick and surrealism.

The third series will be airing soon or has it already aired? (Seems like it will be airing this summer:)


Christy said...

I heard the 3rd season will be airing next month or later...

ternetzi said...

omg...there are actually seasons to the show! lol! :D

Heaven and Earth said...

All the fonts are fine. Prefer fonts #1,5,8. I will go with #1^^

Christy said...

Here's a somewhat trailer promoting the upcoming season :


Interview with casts & staffs:

King said...

the new season is premiering july...i wanna say 3rd but it might be the 13th

Christy said...

On their main website ( they are counting down the days and revealing the casts for it!~

Anonymous said...

although third season will be airing i hope you guys will still do 1 and 2 haha otherwise i maybe a bit lost lols