Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence day + HSDS Episode 24

As we promised before, we are now delivering HSDS ep 24 as our gift for US Independence Day.

Please say your "Thank you's" before downloading, as everyone on the team worked hard to released every single episode.

Special credit for this release goes for Soysuva who did most of the work. Let's hope her computer can be fixed ASAP. Also big thanks to April, Robin, and Gurlzule for their effort of making this release possible.

For now, only MU link is available on HSDS Page and it's password protected. If you need the password, please send me an email (you know where to contact me right? It would be a simple quest for you to find it on this blog). It will be open for public in the next 7 days along with HotFile link as well.

Zilly is on vacation now (she really need it), and we do miss our Zilly. Please come back as soon as your vacation ends!!!!

For those who lived in US, Happy Independence Day!!!!!!

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Mr Lion said...

Thank you team!!