Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine and Gifts

It's February 14 and it's celebrated as a Valentine's day. As our gifts for all HSDS fans that has been waiting for this releases, we have released another episode of HSDS, which is now at episode 34.

Again, this is the work of our newest encoder, Blumischief that recently joined us and speed up things in our production kitchen. Things moves so fast for the clients, which is you, HSDS fans.

This is probably our best momenEnjoy!!! ts on completing our HSDS project so that we could move on to our next project which is already at waiting queue.

And as our team has been so good, I must show a bit of love to you all:)
Here is ZillyValentine's Green Tea Chocolate to All of Heaven and Earth Fansubbing Group.
And believe me, they are very tasty. You might wonder where in the world can you get Green Tea Chocolate...Japan of course! Enjoy!!! (^_^)

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Heaven and Earth said...


Thank so much Blumischielf, Willy, and Heaven & Earth team:) At moments like these, I am very proud of us.