Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Need help subbing/translating Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre Episode 18 and onwards. Currently we are focusing on subbing Episode 18. Whoever wants to see this subbed, please help. I need subbers/translators and editors. Editors or QC does not need to understand Chinese as you will be mainly checking for spelling errors, grammar and etc. I will sub the first 10 minutes of ep18...IF...there are helpers. I will not sub until there are other subbers.

Now, Zilly is basically a REALLY lazy bunny, who loves to do absolutely nothing except eat, sleep and watch dramas all day long. Even the most basic actions...such as lifting a paw to change drama channels or chewing food ARE quite strenuous for Zilly! Just thinking about that tires me out!!! And Zilly is very unmotivated to sub or do anything even resembling work!!!!! Add in the fact that Zilly has already finished watching Heaven a few weeks ago... You get the picture!!!!!! Zilly really doesn't care if Heaven gets subbed or not. So if no one wants to help sub this, that means Zilly can just enjoy a happy, lazy bunny life and won't need to sub a thing!!!!!!!! (It really sounds like a good idea the more I think of it!)

Another thing, Pomi is going to be busy with exams for a looong time! And who knows, Pomi might move to China for all we know (reeaallllly BAD internet connection because of government restrictions, which is what you get from a communist country!) We really DO need to start getting our subs done!!!

Zilly will really love any subbers!!!

 Xielwhy, MexicanHat, 125032 & Darkarchon23
(Alright, Zilly is really NOT that lazy...but after a very long and exhausting day at work...Zilly gets extremely tire and can't sub (really requires tons of time and concentration to translate!!!))


MexicanHat said...

I am more than happy to proofread the subs checking for spelling, grammar etc. Contact me at

Heaven and Earth said...

Thank you and welcome to the Heaven and Earth team, MexicanHat (^_^) I have send you an invite to be our contributor. Once subs are progressing, further instructions will be send to you. Looking forward to working with you.

MexicanHat said...

No problem! Glad to be on the team!
I will try my best to proofread!


Darkarchon23 said...

I'm up for editorial or quality control duty if your still looking. just got back from the field or i would have replied sooner.

Heaven and Earth said...

Thank you and welcome!!!!!!xD Send me your email so I can invite you to be our contributor.

Darkarchon23 said... and i am gonna need a quick crash course if available cause i have never done qc/or editing but definitely want to learn.

Heaven and Earth said...

Invite has been sent. And quick course on qc is on Ep18 Subbing Process. And timing will be coming along soon, tonight around 9pm or so.