Thursday, June 17, 2010

Heaven and Earth Staff B-day's

     Staff of ╠╣eaven and Earth please post a comment of your birthday for the Project Manager, Soysuva to keep an updated list. If we had any information wrong, then please kindly correct us. So far this was just planned out and Soysuva is still thinking of ideas on this b-day stuff. Any ideas or suggestions on this event are welcome. Also whoever wants to help Soysuva organize this b-day event would be a great help too. Thanks in advanced! ☺

  • Staff Profiles & Comments
    • Have self descriptive profiles of everyone. And everyone are also welcome to make comments about each other^^ [zιℓℓу has lots to say!!!^^ ]
  • Zodiac:
    • Please tell us your Chinese zodiac sign. [I will add a picture if possible, to make this page not appear too dull.]
  • Fans:
    • All fans are welcome to join in this event too^^
  • B-day Question Game [organized by ѕσуѕυνα ♥].
    • First thing you need to do is go to this site:
      • Also every staff participating is to make up their own questions.  Staff please wait until your b-day week before releasing questions.  It will be even more special and fun if it is during your birthday week. Any questions, please do ask?  Thanks! -soysuva
      • Also members who birthday's already past in 2010, you can just give out your questions, since it wouldn't be fair cause your birthdays already passed. ^_^ [ѕσуѕυνα ♥] 
      • I will make a Quick tutorial on  what you are suppose to do.  If you are in need of help with your questions, I'll post some examples, to see if that helps.
      Month, Day, or Chinese Zodiac Unknown:
      Oinkypoink [snake]
      awela  [rooster?]
      May ?? - Helen [Ox]
      Feb 21 - MexicanHat [?]

      Jan 26 - Darkarchon23 [Tiger]

      Sel [snake]
      Feb 12 - Zilly [Bunny]
      Feb 21 - Maxis [Bunny]
      Feb 21 - MexicanHat

      May 20(Day unsure) - Gemini28 [Dragon?]
      May ?? - Helen [Ox]

      June 28 - TaijiPhoenix [Piglet]

      July 22 - Soysuva [Piglet]

      August 6 - Sophia [Dog]
      August 14 - Xielwhy [Dog]

      Sep 29 - Pomi [Bunny]

      Oct. 12 - Bill [Rooster]

      Dec. 25 - Shhh [snake]
      Dec. 5 - Blanc [goat]
      Dec. 6 - Robin [bunny]


      maxis said...

      Oh hey guys, so sweet of u guys to create a page for us, contributors... Anyway, my birthday falls on 21st February. :)

      Taijiphoenix said...

      My birthday is June 28, and my Zodiac sign is the Pig.

      Heaven and Earth said... good to have more of Zilly's favorites ^_^ Most of you probably don't know this, but Zilly's favorite person in the world is a snake:D