Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Episode 18 [Released]

Episode 18

Episode 18 Released and Finished!
Thanks everyone and especially our translators! Without them, this wouldn't be possible!
Please note that the 2nd file is a Utorrent.  You need to seed the file first please. 
If you don't have Utorrent here is a link to download it for free:

Link 1:  [Non Torrent]
Link 2: [Torrent]
Size: 294 MB
Format: AVI
Contributors to EP 18: 
[Please Thank These People For Taking Their Time To Help With Episode 18]
  • Timer: Pom45i
  • Translators: April, Maxis, Zilly 
  • Editor: Maxis, Zilly, MexicanHat, Taijiphoneix, Pom45i, Darkarchon
  • Encoder: Soysuva

Screen Caps: [Click To Enlarge]


Anonymous said...

thank you to everyone who contributed

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very much appreciated!!!

Thai Army said...

Thank you so much