Friday, July 2, 2010


We are uploading our website in a matter of days and...sigh!!!...we don't have a name for it yet!!! We want something meaningful, short, catchy and easy to remember. I like Heaven and Earth fine, but Pomi says no! So I suggested POMI^^...anyway, please give us some good suggestions.

Team, ZillyPomi is also in the process of designing and developing our website forum, TELL us what you would like to see in it and what you would need! Be specific!!! The more details, the better. Pomi can probably create anything...he will try his best!!!:D


Website Name^^ ~ ZiMi

(Name suggested by Shhh. Combo of zillypomi and also part of our real initials, and interestingly enough, Zilly was going to name her first daughter 素蜜 ~ Sumi. Pomi likes it:D)

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