Friday, June 25, 2010

Member Info!!!

Please answer these questions for ZillyPomi. And if you want to send in your resume, that would be great! Once our website is up, we will need many new members to fill job positions. If anyone wants to fill a certain position or know what they would like to do, please let me know. And if you know any smart and dependable friends that would be interested in joining us, please ask them to contact ZillyPomi or just comment below in this post. You do not need to know Chinese, but it would be preferred. Thanks!!!

  1. What would you like to do in our group?
  2. What talent and skills do you have?

for the below, i still need GMT time zones. so ppl please fill this out. it's important
  • MexicanHat ~ English Editor/QC
  • April ~ The Greatest Vietnamese HSDS Subber!!! HSDS Team Motivator^^
  • tmScanLine ~ Encoder
  • xielwhy ~ Heaven and Earth Youtube Streaming Site Video Manager and Uploader, Chinese/Vietnamese Subber
~ As you didn't post fast enough for Zilly...I fill it out for all of you. Sorry if I forgot anybody and what you do, please correct if needed...Zilly does have the worst memory ever.
~I deleted those already filled out zilly. plz don't put names of ppl already filled this out. 
~Shhh, please don't delete what Zilly post, you can move it or paste it onto our Chat so I can have a record of it. It takes Zilly a looong time to think and remember you by any chance remember exactly what I wrote about Soy???!!! I need to add it into her full profile.

Hey guys, shhh here (no puns ;)

so I've been put in charge of getting everyone's information to put some sort of members' profile page for H&E thus I'm here to gather some info! =]

(btw guy here so no glittery letters and cute fonts O.O sry ladies X.X)

So I can get you guy's info in two ways:

1: comment on this post
2: email me your info at: & cc zillypomi@gmail

and the following is what I need:

Time Zone (Required) - ex Central Time -6:00
Member Name (Required)(the nickname you go by here at H&E) - ex shhh
Position (Required) - ex well I don't know my own position yet lol, but you get the gist right?

And that's all that's required. Rest of it, you can post whatever you want to share here. So I hope I can get you guys reply soon ^^



Soysuva said...

Time Zone: -6 GMT USA Central

Member Name: Soysuva

Position: Uploader and Encoder [For as of right now. When the website comes up, I think I will work on the timing, since there will not be any Uploading and encoding for the new website]

Heaven and Earth said...

GMT -5
err...started thinking of my position and...oh boy!!! Maybe it is best if Pomi describes it?! Or you can say I do everything that Pomi hates to do, lol!!! I am off to work, will think of this some more. Awesome post to see first thing in my lovely morning!!! Thanks Shhh!!!^^

Pom45i said...

GMT +1

Position: timer, subber, encoder, uploader, editor, webmaster, brief a little of everything I guess.

Zilly position is a lot trickier, she's perfectly able of subbing or editing but she's lazzy. (proof is she asked me to do her introduction, while you might have expected then, her to do mine... no). Since she doesn't like to sub, she's very good at finding people to do this job (I do think this is her more useful skill).
Also she keeps the blog livelly, help keep a good relationship with the contributors, answers mail, she could be a good guinea pig too, but either she doesn't like the idea, or she's too lazzy to make the effort (lazzy is one of her important trait so I've got to repeat it). There is of course a lot more to it.

Darkarchon23 said...

Time Zone: Pacific -8GMT if im not mistaken


QC and generally willing to help guy.

Heaven and Earth said...

I shall restart again:
GMT -5
Lazzy Bunny^^
Don't want to do anything except eat, sleep and watch dramas!!! Yeah!!! That's the life!!! ...Unfortunately Evil Pomi has other ideas:{ He loves to give Zilly work, especially work that Zilly have NO idea how to do!!! But let's not get distracted...back to Zilly!

Position: Blog Creator and Manager, Team Leader and Coordinator (I HATE THIS JOB!!! ~ SOMEBODY PLEASE TAKE OVER!!!<---Pomi^^ should do it!), Subber, Editer/QC, and WHATEVER THAT NEEDS TO BE DONE! >_< Actually I hate this part too:P) Perfect Guinea Pig if there is yummy food to be tasted!!! <---That is the only type of Guinea Pig Zilly likes, any other type of Guinea Pig, Zilly is NOT INTERESTED!!!

Now as for Pomi (being that he insisted...see what I mean about always giving Zilly loads of work to do???!!!)...where shall I start? This could take a book or two. So I will be brief and write only a page.

Pomi is very hard working and smart, no doubt about it...but what else can I say...Pomi is antisocial, evil and mean! He is also FAT, but he totally denies it!!! (Yeah, like anyone would believe he is fit and is "THE GOD OF BAKERY"...his words exactly!!! And I love cake!!! (rolls cute bunny eyes...he is beyond help). Seems to always have a hare-brained idea to run off to China (I SWEAR TO GOD THIS IS FOR REAL!!!). 1st attempt was around the end of the year, be a French Treacher in China working for slave wages...but he was super excited none-the-less...but at failed! Attempt #2, currently on another scheme to go to China in 2 months...very high possibility he just applied to Sichuan, prison school? (HORROR!!!) We will see how this goes in 2 months. Anyone seeing what I am seeing?

Zilly: I am actually picturing him in a black and white stripe prison uniform, chiseling a big mountain...making a big fat golden Buddha in Sichuan.
soysuva: LOL, he probably apply for prison instead then.
Zilly: OMG!!!!!!
soysuva: instead of school.
Zilly: that is hilarious :D:D:D
soysuva: Yep!!!
Zilly: Pomi always play the funniest jokes on himself
soysuva: yep!
Zilly: well, I told him, do whatever u want, just be ready to face the consequences.
soysuva: LOL!

But let's stick to the present...
Ah yes...Pomi is very smart and he has been developing our amazing website for all of us!!! Very AMAZING INDEED! Now...IF ONLY HE WOULD RELEASE IT!!!!! He has been saying it forever!!! I will release it in a weeek, another weeeeek and a couple more weeeeeeeeeeeks:P Anyway, whatever!!! In 2 weeks, he says he will release it no matter what!!! So here is to our long awaited website!!! (Hopefully...)

Many people has also used the word genius to describe Pomi...but I don't know about this >_< I should withhold judgement until the release of the website;p I am exhausted doing Pomi's bio...this is it for now:P

Maxis said...

Okie here I go raving and ranting about myself...

Name: Maxis
Time Zone: GMT + 8
Zodiac: Rabbit
Country Resided: Singapore
(small dot on the map)
Position: Subber, Editer/QC. I am a noob at Segmenting. hahaha. (Did once but it was botched up!)

Rant about myself & School:
4th year student doing a degree in social science at Singapore Management University. (Alternatively called "SUPER MUGGERS UNI" - ALIENS WORKING 24/7 AND SPAMMERS) Double majoring in sociology and organizational behavioral in human resource.

Likes exploring societal trends such as crime rates, job satisfaction, gender inequality those kind of mundane stuffs etc. But I hate it when it becomes project based. Professors at school start to haunt students like myself to come up with research topics for project. Then voila expect 15-30 pages to be done in a jiffy.

Rave about myself:
I am a sucker for archaeology. Anything relating to archeology (mainly egyptian mummies) such as novels, art collections etc will send Maxis flying over to purchase. See I told you, I am a sucker.

Oh right, another thing maxis loves to watch dramas and movies but is selective towards them. If it doesn't stimulate my brain, bleah I get bored. Likes those conspiracy plot kind of thing, thriller and occassionally action. BUT NO CARTOONS for me.

Maxis is also picky towards coffee and food. Especially coffee. If my coffee is bad, I get moody and cranky like those car engines that never start or would break down midway.

Also, most of you would probably not know that I am bad at mandarin actually. I have better understanding of the language but I can't speak well. In fact, it often ends badly - It's fragmented. hahaahah. Maybe it was my experience at a entertainment firm where I translate mandarin into English.

Lastly, Maxis loves to be a couch potato whenever possible and chill with friends :)

Maxis said...

OH right, forget to add:
Maxis can cook Western food even though I am Chinese. For instance, steak, spahgetti etc.

Also love making laksa, chinese dishes such as ginger chicken, steamed fish with fermented beans, chicken rice etc.

Heaven and Earth said...

He is the super-subber SUPERSTAR of HSDS!!! Probably 50% of the subs in HSDS is done by him. So people, listen up and do what you need to do to make sure he stays here and finish up HSDS to make everyone happy. Now, Maxis' favorite slogan is: "I work for money. If you want loyalty, get a dog."

As far as I know, Maxis' Chinese is the best in the whole team and he is super fast at subbing too. But of course, he can only do so much here as you can tell he has a very busy and ambitious school schedule to fulfill his slogan in life:D So make sure to thank him for his hard work at subbing for everyone's enjoyment and wish him the best in grades and life in making tons of money!!!

Zilly actually really likes Maxis slogan^^ So far, he has been so great that I would praise him as our Subbing God!!! (Is this too much??? I hope no one gets big headed!)(Which reminds me, you should upload your black kitty avatar to here too^^)

Heaven and Earth said...

My Dearest Soysuva:D
She is the cutest thing:D:D:D And she is so funny::D::D:D:D Very, very smart and one of the hardest working team managers here. She always come up with the greatest ideas, example: Zilly Humor (unfortunately Zilly got lazy and never got around to working on it...SORRY...but I will!!!) and the Team Birthdays and Profiles (this is what it is all about). This will really get our team together and get to know each other better too(^_^) while facilitating our whole process better (I REALLY HOPE!!!) I think Soysuva is just GREAT!!! And she totally cracks me up all the time :D:D:D

Maxis said...

Maxis is so flattered by the comments that I'm fanning myself... Also, secretly blushing and smirking at one corner. Hahahahha

Okay, the whole degree thingie for social science is not bragging but I find the whole degree quite wasted on me.

Given that I am the kind of person that is uninterested in studying this makes me feel that I should just leave school and earn more money instead. hahahah. So that's why I advocate my slogan so aggressively.

I work for money. If you want loyalty, get a dog.

I love this slogan because it represents myself especially in the working environment. I should be paid big bucks doing all the work...

Satisfied Bunny

Maxis said...

Okie, I realise since Zilly wrote such a flattering comment about myself. I feel obliged to write one for Zilly too.

Now, I may not know Zilly too long but from our conversations, I feel that Zilly is usually misunderstood. How should I put it? There are instances where there are times where there's a certain level of procastination with regards to maintaining the blog, uploading the video or even subbing for that matter.

I won't exactly say Zilly is lazy but let's put it this way, the blog is running free and so there's a need for some form of motivator for us, peeps (contributors) to keep working.

It need not be monetary form (even though, this is ALWAYS GOOD... HINT HINT - hahahha) but it could be in the form of showing appreciation for our work. That would really brighten up our day.

I'm quite objective because I feel that everyone can be quite lazy at times (I do, I own up!). There are certainly times where I would simply just throw everything aside and go on a vacation or not want to do anything and be a couch potato.

So, in short, I say Zilly is a victim of misunderstanding. Perhaps, the only bad trait is being honest and creating cold/bad?! jokes. hahahah. Otherwise, Zilly is quite fine to work with. Really!

Heaven and Earth said...

Wow, a nice compliment, finally!!! Thank You, Maxis!!! You are awesome!!! Actually you are the best subber I ever work with!!!^^ I knew you would understand me, bunny to bunny:D Yes, Zilly is really a misunderstood, "very cute" bunny (^_^)

shhh said...

... ... ... ...
here i am, waking up, seeing 12 comments, 9 more than yesterday, expecting a lot more member to cough up their stuff, ended up with really just 2, TWO more... ...x.x

:P you guys are funny hahahahaha, I can't believe you even took the time to type all that Zilly and Max... O.O

I see you guys are having fun introducing urselves, so I'll chip in XD

Am currently a sophomore at Universtiy of Texas at Austin, and double majoring in Japanese Lang & Cult, and East Asian Studies (great for jobs right?) I don't watch dramas all day, only Japanese ones to learn Japanese and iPartment now to have a laugh haha, dang that thing is funny! (you have to understand Chinese tho)

Ethnically I am Chinese, but sadly, I don't act like one anymore. So am working to make myself to appear more fobbish constantly. Hey Max, I can cook too! In fact I'm going to a BBQ with friends today, and I'm the one who is doing all the cooking ^^ wish me luck so I don't burn all the meat XD

Wow I'm ranting too O.O...... -___-

You guys are funny lol



Xiaohua said...

hey guys, you wouldn't know me..because I just wanna keep it low-key. lol! Kidding. I am just stuck with a limited download with 25Gb per month for peak hours - and I still have to split it up with my housemate. So, I'm down with 12.5Gb per month. Ain't I sad? :D So you wouldn't see me around that often until I'm back home.

Member name: ternetzi (Sel)
Timezone: GMT +8 (Singapore) (from Dec-Feb); GMT +10 (Australia) (from Mar-Nov)

Position: Translator. But I can do timing as well. More or less everything except encoding and typsetting (just know basics).

To Shhhh: 鄙视? LOL!

bill23142 said...

Time Zone: Pacfic GMT -8:00 (Us)
Member Name: Bill, my nick name is Rain, cause i love the rain [=
- Help with segmenting (mostly on viikii work though cause my computer is not good)
- I can sub a bit (if u have viet sub i can translate it to english, cause my viet is awesome), a little japanese but not good enough to sub cause they speak too fast in drama.

taijiphoenix said...

Hello Everyone!

Member name: Taijiphoenix
Time Zone: GMT -5
Position: Editor/QC

I am trying my hardest to learn Chinese, but it seems to be going slowly for me. Right now I am mostly learning on my own. I eventually would like to learn how to do other parts of the subbing process so I can be of more help. Well I guess thats it for now.


Heaven and Earth said...

Thanks for filling this out:D
Don't worry! As long as you keep on studying and don't give up, your Chinese will improve. Watching and subbing dramas are 2 of the best ways to learn it. If you don't believe me, you can ask Pomi. He used this method to learn and improve his Chinese. He is on his 3rd year of Chinese study and going to China in 2 months for native language training. And his Mandarin pronunciation is excellent! Hate to say it, even better than mine^^

blanc said...

Time Zone: -6 GMT USA Central

Member Name: Blanc

Position: I can upload, edit (for English), QC, and whatever else that needs to be done (though I'm getting a little tired of Chi-Eng subbing/translating,with Viikii and the novel, etc)

Heaven and Earth said...

Alan^_^ ~ (GMT -5) Heaven and Earth Veoh Streaming Site Video Manager and Uploader, 1st Heaven and Earth Donor