Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Team and Fans!!!
Zilly is taking a break. If you have any questions, please ask Pomi.

iPartment Project Team
For video uploading, Priority is as follows for iPartment: (I want the full completed drama on Zimi)
Full Completed iPartment drama with subs due date is August 1, 2010.
1. Upload iPartment ep12 - end
2. Tell Bill to segment ep12 - end
3. Tell Sel/Ternetzi to sub ep12 - end on Zimi (she already started subs for ep12)
4. Then you upload iPartment ep1-11.
5. Upload .srt files for iPartment 1-11 (but must figure out time delay to correct timing, Talk to Pomi about this)
6. Shhh has finished QC on ep3, moving on to 4-11, should be done this Sunday.
7. Can upload subs in .srt for ep1-11 onto Zimi whenever Shhh finishes one ep. (But make sure time delayed is correct with actual video).
8. Darkarchon (and/or TaijiPhoenix, MexicanHat) do final QC from ep1-End.

1 comment:

Pomi said...

Actually, the time delay can be taken care of directly on zimi.
You first add the delay, verify it with the video, then save.
If you mouse over the button, you'll see different informations.
Of course if you have any problem, I will gladly answer your questions.