Wednesday, July 7, 2010

iPartment Progress

Zimi website is open to contributors only!!! Fans, please wait until August 1 before visiting Zimi!!

Staff of iPartment, this is a progress chart for iPartment.  If you have anything to add to this topic,  please post a comment below. Also, any staff willing to help add/edit this google chart, please pm me [SOYSUVA] at ViiKii or comment below with your gmail.

SRT Files For iPartment Episodes
  • Episode 1-2 ~ Needs to be Edit/QC
  • Episode 3 ~ Missing some subs, needs to be QC/Edit
  • Episode 5-6, and 8 ~ Missing some subs, needs to be QC/Edit, Needs to be uploaded on Website
  • Episode 7 ~ Missing some subs [Sel is working on it], needs QC/Editing
Team Members, please inform Soysuva or Bill about your progress of how far you are on for each episodes. Thanks!

  • Co-Managers 
    • Bill (Bill: autosegmenter) 
    • Soysuva (Soy: Video & *.srt Uploader)
  • Asst Manager 
    • Sel/Ternetzi 
  •   Subbers
    • Shhh 
    • Sel/Ternetzi
    • (Maybe lil1508 also, need to confirm with her)
  • Editors
    • Darkarchon (Final QC such as punctuation marks and grammar usage)
    • Shhh (Correction of subs)
  • Timer/AutoSegmenter
    • Bill 
  • Video Uploaders
    • Soysuva
    • Blanc

How to Upload Videos To the Website 
Notice: This is only for video uploaders.
Tutorial By Soysuva

    Open To See Tutorail :

    Before you upload videos, you need an account on zimi, so you will be able to add videos.
    1. Click on "Videos" Tab.
    2. Click on the "add Videos" button.    Which would be on the left corner/side.
    3. Fill in all the information:
     ○Title: [Skip Subheading because that isn't important]
     ○Original Language: [Pick the language the video is in or the language their talking in]
     ○Genre [Pick a genre: drama, movie, music, etc...]
     ○Tags [separate with a comma]
     ○Video Description [Write what ever in it.  This doesn't have to be filled out.]
     ○Season [If necessary, fill it in.]
     ○Video URL [Enter URL of the video. (Currently the website supports only YouTube,, Tudou and Tudou HD)]
            ◘You will see a thumbnail appear once you have the link of the url.
     ○Parts [If you are using long length videos, this is unnecessary.]

    4. Click save.[This may take a while, but it depends.]
    5. If you don't see the right thumbnail for the video, click on "Manage the Video".
    6. Go down to "* Thumbail URL" and erase the thumbnail picture link.
    7. Go to your video source, ex:
    8. Right click your mouse and click "view image" on the thumbnail of your source video.
    9.  Copy the url thumbnail
    10. Paste it on "* Thumbail URL". Then click save.
    11.Go back to "Manage the video" and authorized segmenters. [Note: you can only authorized them, if they are a member on zimi or in other words, if they sign up already.]
    12. Click save.
    13. You will return to the video link you just saved.  Copy the url of the video, not the source video.
    14. Go to the channel and click on the suggestion button.
    15. Scroll up and you will see a box that says "enter the url" or something like that.
    16. Paste the link and click save.

    [Make sure all videos are organized.  In order to organized the video, click on the "Manage" button on the channel.  In the "Video List", you will see all of the video links.  You can move them by copy, pasting, and deleting the links from one place to another.  Make sure you don't delete anything on accident.  Lastly click save.]
    That is all you need to do.  Any questions? Please email me [soysuva] @ viikii or comment at the bottom of this blog.  You can also ask Pomi, if any of the functions aren't working for you.  He will be glad to help. ^_^

    Link: iPartment @ Zimi

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