Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Episode 19 Release

Hi Everyone!
Episode 19 of HSDS is ready for release...except I need to upload it to a MegaUpload account...and I have no idea if we actually have a MU account or not. Is there anyone willing to let us use their MU account so we can release ep19? If you can help, please comment on this post or email zillypomi@gmail.com

micvhg, please tell us more about your FTP server, thanks!!!

Update! Soysuva has created our Heaven and Earth MU account, so episode 19 should be ready for release on September 1st. Enjoy everyone!



micvhg said...

no MU account but i can provide an FTP server and domain name people can download from. let me know if you need/want it.

Heaven and Earth said...

Thanks for ur offer, but what is a FTP server?

rdang said...

micvhg, how fast is your server?

micvhg said...

it's a hostmonster server with unlimited space. i mainly use it for email so it's free for your own uses. it's running on a linux 64 with 4 gb of throttle. it's a virtual server but i think it should suit your needs. let me know if you still need it.

rdang said...

Thanks micvhg! There are few features provided by hostmonster that we may be interested in, but we don't really need them. Unless Zilly can think of a use.

Btw, what does it mean 4GB of throttle?

Heaven and Earth said...

well, I am not that knowledegable about computers and stuff, but a free server sounds good, it might be ideal for our Zimi server? (If Pomi ever comes back and work on it). Micvhg, can you forward your email to zillypomi@gmail.com and I will contact you if I ever need the use of your server? Thanks!

And what features does hostmonster offers that is good for us, Robin?