Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Heaven and Earth 6th Month Anniversary Banner Contest

Contest Rules:
  1. PNG file format.
  2. 980x160 dimensions. *width increased to 980 pixels wide*
  3. Use our coin logo with words 一地 (you can redesign it).
  4. Must be original work! 
  5. Please post submissions in the comments. And feel free to submit multiple times.
  6. Be creative! I like high resolution images.
  1. You get to have your artwork on our website for all to see.
  2. We will pre-release an episode for you.
Deadline (2 weeks): 9/10 Midnight EST

To celebrate Heaven and Earth's sixth month anniversary (and because Zilly and I want a new banner), we are holding a banner contest. I hope there will be many participants. All level of participants are welcomed!!

Feel free to watermark your artwork to protect your submissions. We will ask for an original to be hosted on our website!!

Click here to download an art kit for the banner contest! You are free to use the images for the banner contest and manipulate them however you like.

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