Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Future of Heaven and Earth

I would like to follow Maxis' lead in greeting the Martial Arts Fraternity and announce that I have been nominated as Managing Editor. Although I may not be the best candidate, I will carry out the role as best as I can until a better candidate appears (like Zhang Wuji).

Below is a list of changes we hope to see to the Heaven and Earth blog:
  1. Update banner.
  2. Update video logo.
  3. Add about us page.
  4. Update tutorial & project page.
  5. Add to the Heaven and Earth description.
  6. Update d-addicts Heaven and Earth page.

1 comment:

Heaven and Earth said...

Thank so much Robin!!! & the link to Zimi forum is great!!!:D I think you are the best candidate:D So please don't be like Zhang Wuji, always trying to get out of the role of Ming Sect's leadership role. You are our Heaven and Earth's best Managing Editor and that is that!!! I hope you keep it as long as you like!!!:D:D:D