Sunday, August 1, 2010



For July, our team has been working and testing out Zimi website. Unfortunately the site still has too many bugs for any real subbing work to be done. Therefore, for August, we will continue our subbing work on our Heaven and Earth blog. We will try to finish and release ep19 of HSDS by August 14, depending upon our team members' availability.

Team, I NEED to know who is available to work on HSDS ep20 - ep 26! Robin and I will start QCing ep19 right away! Maxis, TaijiPhonex???!!!!!!! MexicanHat, are you available???
Soysuva will be our encoder once our subs are done. Jon, are you available to encode also?

And everyone, please gave our new Chinese-English Translators, JYD, immakiku and our new Editor/QC, Robin a warm welcome!!!^^ Robin has been doing a fantastic job in editing HSDS!!! Thank you Robin!!!!!!

Anyone who is wants to continue testing Zimi website, please communicate and work with Pomi.

Thank you!!!

Ep19-34: Subs done by April
Ep 19, 20, 22-23 Editing done by Robin
Ep19 Video being encode by Soysuva!
Ep20 QC subs being done by immakiku [Zilly is doing final QC]
Ep21 Editing & QC done by TaijiPhoenix  [Need to do Final QC]
Ep22-23 QC subs being done by Maxis  [Need to do Final QC]
Ep24 Editing & QC being done by TaijiPhoenix  [Need to do Final QC]

Ep25-26 QC subs done by Jing Yi D. [Need to do Final QC]
Ep27-28 QC subs being done by shhh [Need to do Final QC]
Ep29-30 QC subs being done by Jing Yi D. [Need to do Final QC]

Ep31-34 [Need to QC subs and do Final QC]

 April is currently subbing [Need Editing, QC Subs, Final QC]


rdang said...

Thanks Zilly! I did a quick edit of 19 and sent it to you. I am still new, so I hope you will give me some pointers and that I may learn from all of you.


Heaven and Earth said...

That was fast!!!^^ I will look at ur edits, give u feedback and do the final QC for it...tomorrow...after work.

rdang said...

I hope you did not do the final QC yet. I made some revisions and sent them to you. =p

Heaven and Earth said...

No, I don't do the final QC until u send me ur edits:D

Maxis said...

Zilly, I've been trying my best to edit the subs for episode 19 of Heavenly sword and dragon sabre... it really frustrates me... :( Hangs all the time. Hmmmm... Looks like I have to test drive the timing to edit the subs...

Anonymous said...

Welcome Robin!

rdang said...


Maxis, what application are you using.. that is causing your computer to hang?

Maxis said...

I think I need to either upgrade my RAM or defrag my computer files. Anyway, I already solved the problem. I went to complain and I got a new hard-drive.
(Tsk, my excuse of getting new hardwares actually)

Zimi has quite a few problems I think. We might need to have a few testers to try out the application. I found several bugs. I have notified Pomi about it.