Saturday, September 4, 2010

[Important] Team Notes - Whoever has time, pls post this on Tutorials page too for everyone to learn this^^

Hello everyone!  This topic will be basically what you need to add to your subtitles, timing, or any other things for improvements on the subtitles and the videos.
Notice: If team members have anything to add, please sign in to edit or add.
  • Subtitles → If possible, can all translators add this function "{\pos(309,439)}" for positioning please. This is so, the viewers are able to read the subtitles. When you don't position the English subtitles, the videos will be on the Chinese hard subs, which will make everything confusing to read.
    •  Example:
    • How the video looks like if Position →
  • Everyone is to use this software "aegisubs" and if you don't have it, you download it here.
    • For Windows, You need to install "Full install".  Click either of these options in the "Full install row.

      HTTPFTP Checksum

  • Unix and OS X, is either options.  I never used Unix or OS x, but either option will give you the same results.  (x86 is bitrate, i think)

  • Timers, please time using the voices and Chinese hard subtitles and please use these videos to time the subtitles: RAW Videos [NOTE: You need to download the videos First].
  • Encoding will also be done using those videos also.  RAW Videos [NOTE: You need to download the videos First]
  • Video Uploaders, I think we should upload on Weekdays as it usually releases on weekdays.
  • Typesetters, are to add the effects to the text or karaoke, fonts, color, and etc to the subtitles.
  • Encoders are to use virtual dub as a software to encode the videos.  Also, every encoder has to add the video logo to the videos.
  • Timers, Translators, and/or editors please add "Please do not upload on streaming sites, sell for profit, or claim you did the work w/out our authorization. Thanks!"  Also add this somewhere at the beginning, "{\an1\fs24\pos(8,87)\fad(320,320)}We are looking for Chinese - English translators, please come to our to site to apply! \N {\b1}Link: {\b0}" 
  • Timer, Translators, and/or editors please also add the team.  First starting with timers...
         If you don't have the font, download it here: MediaFire [Bonzai FONT]
    • TIMERS: {\a1\fad(320,320)\fnBonzai\fs24\b1\pos(424,365)}Timers{\fnArial Narrow}: {\fnBonzai}\N April, Shinro, Soysuva, \N Pom45i, bill23142

    • TRANSLATORS: {\a1\fad(320,320)\fnBonzai\fs24\b1\pos(424,365)}Translators{\fnArial Narrow}: {\fnBonzai}\N April, Maxis, Zilly, \N Gurlzrule, Pom45i, \N Ternetzi, bill23142, \N 125032, Shhh 
    • EDITORS: {\a1\fad(320,320)\fnBonzai\fs24\b1\pos(424,340)} Editors{\fnArial Narrow}: {\fnBonzai}\N Robin, Pom45i, \N Zilly, Shhh 
    • FINAL EDITORS: {\a1\fad(320,320)\fnBonzai\fs24\b1\pos(424,365)} Final Editor{\fnArial Narrow}: {\fnBonzai}Zilly
    • ENCODER: {\a1\fad(320,320)\fnBonzai\fs24\b1\pos(424,365)} Encoder{\fnArial Narrow}: {\fnBonzai} \N Jon, Shinro, & \N Soy (Soysuva)
    • KARAOKE STYLIST & TYPESETTER: {\a1\fad(320,320)\fnBonzai\fs24\b1\pos(424,365)} Karaoke Stylist & \N Typesetter{\fnArial Narrow}: {\fnBonzai} \N PUT SOMEONE'S NAME HERE: TYPESETTER IS A PERSON WHO EDITS FONTS, EFFECTS, AND ETC.  WHILE A KARAOKE STYLIST EDITS THE KARAOKE EFFECTS AND FONTS.
    • VIDEO UPLOADERS: {\a1\fad(320,320)\fnBonzai\fs24\b1\pos(424,365)} Video Uploaders{\fnArial Narrow}: {\fnBonzai} \N Alan, Xielwhy,\N & Soy (Soysuva)
    • QC: {\a1\fad(320,320)\fnBonzai\fs24\b1\pos(424,365)} Quality Checking{\fnArial Narrow}: {\fnBonzai}\N Pom45i, MexicanHat, \N Darkarchon32
  • Also to recrute people to join, add this to the videos "{\an1\fs24\pos(8,87)\fad(320,320)}We are looking for Chinese - English translators, please come to our to site to apply! \N {\b1}Link: {\b0}"
  • To thank our members and our donaters, please add this in the beginning or at the end of the video:
    {\fs24\pos(281,465)\fad(320,320)}Special thanks to clarkwe91, Alan^_^, and {b}ALL{\b0} the members of Heaven and Earth!
Function List and Meanings: DOWNLOAD  → Still under construction.
 Any questions? Please contact me on my gmail ( or at my viikii account.


          Heaven and Earth said...

          Thanks Soy!!! This is very helpful for all of us. Just don't understand about #1, do I just copy and pate {\pos(309,439)} in front of all subtitles?

          Heaven and Earth said...

          And another question, I have Windows, what am I suppose to click on to download the correction version of aegisubs? They gave me too many choices and I have no idea what all of those down there means. Help!

          Description HTTP FTP Checksum Size
          Full Install HTTP|HTTP2 FTP|FTP2 MD5|SHA 26MB

          Soysuva said...

          @ zilly your 1st question, yes. Second question, cluck either one b/c you will still get the same results. But i recommend getting the "Full Install". For http, ftp, and checksum: get either. but I also recommend getting the Http.