Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Episode 20 of HSDS is HERE!!!

Episode 20

Episode 20 is finally here!!!
Zilly is currently  working on HSDS ep21. is HSDS ep22 coming along? =)
Also, a big thanks to XWu_FeiX for donating! {Yes!!! Thanks so much XWu_FeiX (^_^) ~Zilly}



shhh said...

it's like zilly said, not getting paid here :P I rather spend my time studying and getting actually paid jobs ;)

Anonymous said...

omg thank you so much guys it was awsome!!! cant wait for next episode!! when is it comming out?

XWu_FeiX said...

lol welcomez and no biggy. glad to help out! hope to see more HSDS episode soon too! =P