Saturday, September 18, 2010

Zilly Guessing Game (^_^)

Hahaha^^ Can you all guess what my game is all about???!!!???? Everyone is welcome to play:D:D:D
Clue 1: Butterball

And O! My!! God!!! Robin is a bunny!!!

Also I have downloaded Aegisub! YAY!!! Now someone tell me what am I to do with it. >Clueless here< Is it me or do you all find the Aegisub "icon" logo creepy???!!!???!!! o.O

Zilly thought of the day, Heaven and Earth team is...
Fan and Donations are awesome!!!xD If we can only get a lot of them:D

And for some strange reason, shhh is going to make tons of money...the thought just came to me out of nowhere. Seems like he has a real bright future ahead of him. Shhh...if this comes true...I want a million dollars! I do prefer a zillion to go with Zilly...but I won't be greedy^^

And yes...I am ridiculously obsessed with smileys:D Someone please figure out a way for us to get smileys on blogger. I would be forever grateful!!! But...maybe...I od a bit on them here...?...?...

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