Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tube Obsessed

Hen gaoxing jiandao ni. (It is nice to meet you. Hěn gāo​xìng jiàn​dào nǐ. 很高兴见到你. )

If you aren't already familiar with me, my name is Tube Obsessed and I will be putting some of my blog entries on this site. Please treat me kindly. As you may be able to tell from my alias, I have a strange obsession with television. I enjoy watching, reviewing, and discussing television from all over the world. Although I will not be able to post blog entries on this blog very often, I hope that you will enjoy the articles that I write.

Today I wish to talk about television in general. When I was a child, it seemed like television was this magical place where everyone was treated kindly, where there were no bad parents, and where every day was like a walk in the park. This imaginary world was so foreign to me that I ended up becoming obsessed. Over the years, television has evolved and has created much more realistic stories, but my obsession with it is still as active as ever. I have to give credit where credit is due.

When someone turns on the t.v. and sits down to watch their favorite shows, they don't normally think of how much work goes into making it. Writers, actors, directors, producers, assistants, make up artists, prop designers, and many more employees work hard to bring our stories alive. Each page of a screenplay typically takes one minute to show on screen. If you consider the the length of an average t.v. show (20-25 episodes at 45 minutes a piece of actual screen time), a drama typically has more than 900 pages of content. Think about how much time, energy, and money that has been spent for a small, one hour, television show. The fact that there are so many television shows to choose from is really amazing. In the end, film is like a big piece of art that should be appreciated. After all, it takes a great number of people to be able to bring your imaginary world to life.

With that said, what kind of television are you obsessed with?



Heaven and Earth said...

Please give our first writer, Tube Obsessed a big warm welcome! I hope you will enjoy this first article and look forward to many more articles from our writer.^^

Please let Tube Obsessed know what you think of this first article and what you would like to see more of in the future.

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hellochloe said...

I grew up on Disney cartoons, know all of the princesses' stories by heart (Sleeping Beauty was my favorite, 'cause she's the prettiest). Yeah, I didn't have a concept of feminism then.

As I grew older and cartoons no longer interests me, that was when I arrived at dramaland. Drama plots pretty much reflect real life (but more dramatization of course).

Villains and sinister plots aplenty, any injustice done to the main characters made me wanna jump into the tv screen and reveal the truth to the main characters who remains blissfully unknowing throughout 3/4rths of the drama(Noooo~~ can't you see that person is evil? How can you be so stupidddddd *slaps forehead*)

Yeah, I remember those moments well.

Wu Fei said...

Travel Channel Maniac here...
No Reservations
Bizarre Foods
Ghost Adventures
Game shows
and lasty Wuxia dramas! <3