Monday, November 8, 2010

Volleyball Lovers Review

Rating: ****

Genre: Romance, Sports
Episodes: 15
Cast: Annie chen, Godfrey Gao, Lan Jun Tian, Na Wei Xun, Wang Jing Ying

"Growing up together, Bai Qian Rui and Xin Hai Jing never saw one another as more than friends. So it's no wonder when Hai Xing called upon Qian Rui to help out the volleyball team, Qian Rui tried everything to wiggle out of it. He was more interested in romancing the beautiful Jia Kai Lin than sweating it out with his best pal. Yet, joining the team was exactly what they needed to turn their long-time friendship into something more. "

Throughout its airing, I had very little to no interest in this drama. The synopsis wasn't particularly alluring and I'm not a big sports fan either so I didn't give it much of a chance. However, one day I was extremely bored and decided to try it out since it had been on the front page of Viikii. I am glad I watched this drama, though, as I enjoyed watching it. Funny, interesting, and with decent plots, the drama never left me bored.

However, there were some bad parts that cannot be left out. Some of the writing and production wasn't all that great. If it wasn't for all the problems, I would have rated it a five instead. It's probably not a drama men would enjoy, though, as it is a romantic comedy.

Problems with Volley Ball lover:

1. Even though there is supposed to be both a girl and a boy team, I don't think I saw the girls ever practicing... They exercised with the boys, but that was it.

2. Many times, the props were unrealistic. Like, for example, the bike rack at the university was filled with three of the same exact bikes. I doubt all the students would ride the same exact bike.

3. Is this a school team or an amateur team? If it is a university team, then the main character shouldn't be allowed to play because he graduated from the school. Maybe I just missed the part where they indicated what kind of team it was? They said something about it being professional, but then why do they have to talk with the principle about it? Can someone clear this up for me?

4. Is the whole drama a coca-cola ad? For the first eight episodes all they did was drink coke. Every chance they got, they put the coke can in a shot. It's fine to put products in a drama, but I think they over did it...

5. If someone jumped, snatched a can of soda, and dropped back down, wouldn't the coke get fizzy when the person tried to open it? When I was watching it, I was kind of hoping that it would spill all over the guy. XD

6. There was this little angel prop that they used that was broken at least four times in the series, but was magically put together again without any cracks in it. Seriously? It's in mint condition after being broken into that many pieces? Are you kidding me? How is this supposed to be realistic?

What do you think of this drama? What would you rate it?

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Heaven and Earth said...

the reason i would not watch this drama would probably be your reasons:D

but after reading ur rating, i am very curious to see it just to verify your observations and answer your questions^^

if i ever watch this, i will try to answer all your questions:)

Sophia said...

I never watch this drama before but I will rate this drama a none star! My reason is really simple, I do not like one of the actress in this drama.

TubeObsessed said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to put this in the post...

I kind of think the main actress looks like Eugene.. Anyone else see the similarities?