Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I want to wish our hard working iPartment subber Ternetzi a very, very happy birthday:D And I hope she will have a great time at her own party lol! Please send your birthday wishes to Ternetzi by commenting in this post^^


LiHaiPK9 said...

Haha! Happy Birthday Ternetzi! I saw lil welcome msg on the chatroll. Glad I joined in time for this. How old are you turning?

Willy Sudiarto Raharjo said...

I'm happy to be one of the first one who said Happy Birthday, but i will do that again


Heaven and Earth said...

No I was the first one:D I wished her happy bday about 1-2 weeks early^^

ternetzi said...

Hahahaha~ you gotta dedicate that to ur memory, Zilly! And thank you Zilly for the really sweet birthday wish. Never expected a blog post. (:

PK, you will never be late esp. if you come in early in the year! thnx dear. I'm 21 this year. Will never hold a party on my 22nd. lols! *winks* I read the archive btw. :P That's what making a chatroll account is for. MUAHAHAHA~

And Willy! You've flooded me with bday wishes everywhere from chatroll to twitter to the blog post and chatroll again! Thankful you haven't got my FB yet. But thnx so much for greeting me everywhere. I've seen them all ((:

shhh said...

psh i'm not wishing sel a happy bday :P she's always calling me a failure so I wish you have a fail of 21 birthday sel XD



Heaven and Earth said... fighting or bad mouthing each other...children:P

Soysuva said...

Happy B-day Sel! ^_^

ternetzi said...

btw, you admitted urself...on air. But...thnx shhh! You read my mind (unintentionally) (:

thank you Soy! ^^