Saturday, February 19, 2011


Hi All:)

Very exciting news to share with all of you!!!^^ We have just received an extremely nice donation from dangermousie for $400USD to sub The Myth project! She is our most generous fan so far to date:D And I would like to dedicate The Myth to her as our way of saying thanks!XD I would also like to say thanks to klaibarn1 for donating $20 to us for our Christmas present in 2010:) Our Heaven and Earth team are kind of awed by the generosity of our fans:D I hope in 2011 we will get more fans like these and then we can finally pay our contributors the money they are really worth. Which brings me to happily say...we now have enough money to pay our contributors!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

Sorry Johnny, we never received your $50.00 donation.

Dangermousie is also extremely considerate and understanding to our anxious HSDS fans. She has very nicely agreed to let us finish all of HSDS drama before we need to start work on The Myth project. Team, PLEASE PLEASE finish HSDS as soon as possible.

I have been recruiting experienced Chinese-English translators to help with our projects, but we also need timers and encoders as I am not sure if Soysuva can handle all of the work when she still has school. But if Soy can do all the timing and encoding I would be oh so very grateful. And because Soy has been one of our hardest working members, I do believe she will get the most pay out of all our contributors!!! Go Soysuva The Great!!!!!!!!!!^^

Pomi and I started our Heaven and Earth Fansubbing Group hoping to pay our team money for our hard work if we are able to, and thanks to our generous fans, especially dangermousie, we currently have $531.25 total in our Heaven & Earth fund. I will start a payment chart for our team and will start distributing the money to everyone this summer once Pomi and I have discuss how to best give everyone their payments when he comes back from China. If anyone has great ideas for us to distribute the payments to each of our members, please let me know.


Heaven and Earth said...

Everyone who has contributed to our team will get pay something...we might not have a lot of money, but I would like to pay everyone something even if it is only a $1 lol:D

dangermousie said...

You guys are awesome! Thank you!

bui_johnny said...

didnt you guys get my 50$ donation that i ask for the myth with english sub?? :(

Heaven and Earth said...

Did you just donate recently? I didn't check our Paypal account since Dangermousie's donation. I will check it this weekend to confirm...and thank you so much for your donation:)