Friday, March 18, 2011

Premium Account

It has been a great start for Heaven and Earth FanSub this year and it's getting better and better each day. Looks like Zilly's prediction about Rabbit year is coming true Yahoo

First of all, we have so many staff applicants. That means we might have a better and solid team in the future and release episodes much faster than before. But before that, Zilly is now working on filtering the candidates. So far, we have a new member working on our episodes of HSDS. For those who have applied but no reply yet, please be patient. There are tons of emails coming to Zilly's inbox Scenic

Second news is that as you probably know, we have a request from Dangermousie to work on The Myth. We are now making it one of our top priority project under HSDS ( we will try to make HSDS to be our first completed project). She also gives so many donations to our H&E. The latest news is that she has upgraded our MU (Megaupload) account to 3 months premium account so that we now have 2 premium MU accounts (MU & HotFile). This premium accounts will enable us (Staffs) to upload HD quality videos (we are planning it to release The Myth on HD version) thumbs up
Big thanks to Dangermousie for her generous donations
We should't waste this generous donation, so please work on the episodes as fast as you can and upload it so that the premium account will not be wasted.

Third news is that H&E is planning to start working on Zimi's website. Please have a look on the website and see if you can give us feedbacks or even better, contribute to the project if you know web programming or web design skills.

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Heaven and Earth said...

Excellent post Willy! The summary is great! Way better than I can do it:D