Sunday, April 24, 2011


 MommyBunny: Butterball

Babies were born on Sunday April 2, 2011 around 6-9pm, evening time.
Baby bunnies' nest on the first day. It is make out of orchard dry grass and Butterball's fur. The fur was pulled from the doe's chest when she is ready for labor. Baby bunnies are born deaf, blind, grayish in color and without fur.
                                       Nest.                                          Baby at 2nd week.
Babies are still very tiny. They can easily fit into a child's little palm:) Yesterday I found them all stocked up in their red feed dish (they can't really eat anything except the dry grass right now)...they like to stay close to each other for warm...but this was just too funny (^_^) Their fur are going to change color to the soft brown like Butterball's (the 2 brownish babies) and the others are going to be white like their daddy (the gray one's)
Babies at first few days.
Babies on April 23rd.
They learned to eat hay and run last week, at 2 week's old and they look so darn cute running around everywhere!!!xD^^ Especially when they look so chubby and looks like a round little fur ball running all over (^_^) They run really FAST!!! This week they learned to jump! They look just like a bouncing fur ball lol:D

I have videos too, but there is something wrong with the video upload here, so I will upload them later once I figure out what the problem is :P I kind of run out of space on my phone so I wasn't able to take much of the recent pictures. I will upload more pictures as I take them. I REALLY need names for them, please suggest some good ones.

Update! 4/28/2011
Babies at first week.
OMG!!! My babies are getting so FAST so quick!!!
The are going so BIG!!! And they are more than half the size of their Butterball right now...which I kind of find unbelieveable because it just took them less than 1 week to grow that big! Now they are eating like crazy and DRIVING ME INSANE with all their running and cuteness (^_^) I miss them!!! I wanna go home and play with my babies^^

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