Saturday, April 9, 2011


February and March were boring months since most of our team were back at school and that means no HSDS releases at all doh

There were some good news though, such as great support from our fans to hardsub The Myth (2010) project once HSDS is complete (work for The Myth has already been started by our team: Zilly, Willy, Dangermousie, Wren, TO & Soy); more staff applicants with some of them already working on HSDS (one of them is PK and he is so fast with HSDS translations that he is now working on episode 35-38, 34 is now finished); and of course the resuming of the ZiMi website.

Since Pomi is back with us partially, hopefully the conception of our ZiMi website can become a reality this year. We are still defining the requirements for our ZiMi website. If you have any suggestions, please post your comments on Soy's post about ZiMi Layout Brainstorming. We will continue with the brainstorming sessions from beginning to the end of April to decide what are the critical requirements and special features that make ZiMi special.

Want to see April's Surprises?

In April we have some good news for all HSDS fans. Maxis and Soy will be back from school due to school break and they will continue work on HSDS again. Maxis is still assigned to ep. 23 which is the next-to-be-released episode while ep. 24 is ready for release by Soy. Ep 25 is in the process of being timed and encoded by Soy.

So, once ep. 23 has cleared it's path, 2 more episodes will be released to the public soon! Ep. 26-33 translations are already completed by PK and Gurlzule. These episodes only need to be timed and encoded Yahoo (hopefully we get new staffs for Timer and Encoder as we only have Soy for this position). If you are interested, please have a look on Zilly's post about Heaven and Earth Staff.

As usual, there's always a surprise before new HSDS episode come out, so here's what we're gonna do for the upcoming HSDS release. We will call it ZillyWillyZunnyZontest Panic Yess.... everything starts with Z since it's part of Zillyisms that are so popular in our Chatroll and Zilly will be the judge of the contest since "she's" (are u sure Zilly is a she???^^) the project manager of HSDS project. Devil(seems familiar to you ??). I think Willy should also be the judge as he thought of this idea Devil

All you have to do is write your funny stories in the comment area on this post and whoever post fun, humorous, interesting stories will be the winner and will be given the V Tiffany, which will be an early link of HSDS 26 when it's released. You can write as many stories as you like as long as it's original. It can be based on your true story or you can write it up base on your imaginations.

Remember, this is all just for fun and this contest is open for everyone, including our staffs Russian Emot

What are you waiting for? Start Code those lmao stories now bring it on

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