Saturday, April 2, 2011

ZiMi Layout Brainstorm

 Okay everyone, recently we have been trying to fix ZiMi and the layout.  We really need new ideas and fast. Some things we would like to know would be, how do you want ZiMi to look like? What functions do you think we'll need besides all those that are on Viki?  Any thing else you have in mind? Logo, etc...
Ideas I had in mind: I think we need a mail system.  Maybe a storage section for things (topic, old post, etc) would be helpful.  Zilly and I still want the smiley and small graphic pictures for topics, post, and comments.   Rate and favorite videos.  
Oh, I think we should do a color code a legend for members. Like for example: VIP→Special members get things first. Super Donator→Person who donated money to us. AdminFounder/creater of ZiMi. You get where I'm going with this whole color coding thing right?

Tutorial and Download Section.  We need a tutorial section because someone might need help on how to do things.  Download section for people to post raw downloads or anything.  This section can also be helpful for people who are having a hard time watching  the videos in their region.  

I know, these aren't really creative ideas, but there all I can think of.  Anyone is free to share their ideas with us.  We'll be glad to put them into consideration for the website!


Heaven and Earth said...

Thank you so much Soy and this is the exact kind of suggestions and ideas that we want to hear about:)

Willy Sudiarto Raharjo said...

Thanks, posted on the GDocs shared by others who are working on Zimi.

Btw, i have just added you too :)

TubeObsessed said...

1. Communities - Zimians are allowed to create their own "community". Members may create fan groups for fans of a specific actor or television series. Instead of allowing non-drama channels to pop up in the tv and movies sections and screw up the rankings, we can put them into their own category and allow a few extra "community"-like features like a "picture wall" and the ability for managers to send notices to the members.

2. private messaging - Zimians can message other Zimi-ers

3. Friends - allow Zimians to add friends. In the inbox, a user will be able to search their friends and click on them to compose a message to multiple users instead of having to copy and paste their usernames every time.

4. status updates - each Zimians can "subscribe" to a certain channel's status feed. Whenever the subtitles are complete for a video, a mod can let all the subscribers know by putting in a "status message" on the channel. The feed can be displayed privately in a members account.

5. Ability for Managers and moderators to download/upload the subtitles directly from/to the video. If wanted, this could be a feature that only paid members get.

6. Ability for Zimians to switch from HD to SD videos and vice versa.

7. Team members - Channels can have the option of having open or "team" style subbing. In a team, the manager can choose who can and cannot edit the video in any way. Only contributors that the manager chooses can segment, sub, or upload a video. This would be mostly for popular shows in which subtitles can be ruined my spammers. However, this is an optional thing. A manager can choose to allow any Zimian to work on the video.

8. Hidden videos - Managers can hide a video from everyone except for channel team members when they are still in the midst of subbing it.

9. member "homepages" - features a "PM me" button, status updates of and for the member, subscription list (viewed only by the member), "about me" box, contribution lists, team list (if you are on a specific subbing team)

10. Community chats - The ability for managers of a community or channel to create a small chatroom for it's users.

11. VIP features - the ability for non moderators to download the .srt files from the video, being able to watch HD videos if available, ect.

I'm sure there are more suggestions that I've thought of, but I cannot remember them.

Heaven and Earth said...

Very nice TO! Love ur suggestions!!!xD

Thuy Dung said...

For the Menus, I think you guys need to add the "progess" so the fan won't demanding/asking when the next ep coming out!
It could be nice if you can add some privacy for the members profile!
Ohh and like some kind of game/event going on for each month to make the website more fun :)

Thuy Dung said...

If you guys going to do color coding then it nice to add the name title too.

Thuy Dung said...

Zimi Recommended dramas feature would be nice too! or you can do the find drama with search box or through the selected genres.

Heaven and Earth said...

Ok noted TD:)Thanks! That new pic is cute^^

oinkypoink said...

hi Zilly! This is oinky. :)
My suggestions.

1. SHORTCUT KEYS - very very friendly.
2. AUTO-REDIRECT to next video- when watching in full screen (as i think almost all of us does) the 'next video' will automatically be played right after the current video ends. it would look like the entire drama episodes are linked seamlessly.
3. DATABASE - let people upload videos without the fear of getting banned/blocked because of copyright.
4. COMMENTS - I know several viewers would like to post how they feel on a certain part of the episode. Timed comments are handy. But let's separate the timed comments left by the general viewer, and the timed comments left by the subber who tries to explain something in that particular part in the video.
(Ugh, is this understandable?)

1. STARS - let people rate the dramas (overall, NOT per episode) with stars
2. GP/PG - don't let children watch violent videos etc. Channel managers should be responsible in classifying whether their vids are children friendly.

1. LINKS to current projects on the left/right side panel.
2. FRIENDS - yes, let's add friends :)
3. TEAMMATES - this could be your friends grouped according to the projects you are working on.
5. PHOTOS and ALBUMS - oh for those who love to take pictures/edit pictures ^_^
--Friends or Non-Friends (but registered Zimian) messaging
--Team messages, etc.
Ex. Zilly and I are team mates on 2 projects. if in case she'd want to send a message regarding the first project (say, the first project is titled "You're Beautiful") her message would appear as

"Zilly (You're Beautiful) April 1, 2009 08:45 AM
Sis, there are errors on the subs, could you help me on them?"

(I thought about this because I always get confused with what project are others messaging me about. hah. Sorry.)

1. Recommended Dramas (Are we including anime?:P)
2. Most viewed or Top Ranked (STARS)
3. SORT videos according to
- actors/actress
- genre
- country
- (ETC?)
4. ZiMi HELP/HOW To - All the basics are here. Maybe on the lower/upper left/right side panel.
5. SUGGESTION BOX - Allow everyone to participate :)
6. RULES (?) - Like no pornos and stuff... Would you want this to be on the ZiMi HELP?

2. UPLOADERS - uploads videos
3. SEGGERS - segments the videos in a timely manner
4. SUBBERS - translates with accuracy.
5. EDITORS - they assure the quality of the team effort.


So far, these are what I have in mind. I'll post or let you know when another idea pops into my mind.

oinkypoink :)

oinkypoink said...

Hi Zilly, this is oinky:)

This is my 3rd time to post my suggestions as my first two posts have gone missing. O_O

Anyway, oinky has learned a lesson and has typed this first on MSWord :P

1. SHORT-CUT KEYS -> very friendly
2. AUTOREDIRECT to the next video
plays the videos continuously, make the drama appear as one LONG movie :)
3. "Others who watched this also liked this:" button
once the drama ends, the autoredirect is disabled, and I think this should appear ^_^
-for viewers coments
-for subbers trying to explain the subs they've posted
Baka = stupid --->Timed comment

[video] --->VIDEO

You are baka! --->Subtitle

>>Wall posts, General Channel information, Contributors and their contributions in the channel, Channel progress (could be expressed as percent), etc.
- FORUM (for spoilers?)
- CHAT (real time)
for the team and registered viewers. Get replies from online teammates.
2. GP? or PG?
Classify your channels
Allow viewers to rate the Drama as a whole, NOT per video.
4. ADD to favorite
to get news and updates Re: the drama

1. Wall
just like FB ^_^
get connected with your registered ZiMian friend even if they're not your team mate
mates sorted according to the projects you're working on
5. I'm ONLINE / OFFLINE / Invisible
6. 'CHAT with me' button
7. PRIVACY of course
8. LINKS to current and finished projects
too shy to post on the wall? Send a message instead!

1. Sign in/ Sign Up
2. Search for dramas and users
3. Most Viewed / Top Rated (based on STARS)
let people sort the dramas alphabetically, according to genre, actors/actress, rating, country, according to the time they're added to the site, etc.
6. ZiMi HELP or How To
Where should we learn the basics? :P Include useful softwares aspiring contributors could use so as to provide uniformity(?)
8. LINK to the GENERAL POLICIES of the website.
9. News feed from team mates / friends / dramas-in-progress

1. Channel Manager/Head
2. Uploader -has the power to hide videos he/she uploads on a specific channel allowing designated seggers and subbers work on the video first.
3. Segger
4. Subber
5. Editor / Moderator
6. Viewer :)

F. ZiMi levels
I agree on using color codes. Let's use different level names for plain registered users/ contributors.
Levels depend on the number of contributions.
e.g. ZiMian egg, ZiMian elder, ZiMian guru, etc.

Oinky shall post again, if anything comes to my mind.^_^

oinkypoink said...

ha ha, now I see my posts :P
Oinky's being too impatient.

uraacaa said...

I like the idea of a general chat place. Umm I wish Zimi has an Alphabetical drama/movie list. Maybe you could add friends? Also I don't like how on Viki you have to check your page everyday to see if you have a new comment. Maybe a notification icon on to of your page? I like the idea of forums and more themes/colors/special effects to a page. Oh yeah and maybe have polls daily/Weekly/Monthly? Well that's all I've got.

Heaven and Earth said...

From: honnas
Apr 14, 4:34am

I checked out the zimi site.... here are my suggestions:
1. Pull the members tab. That information is on the dramas and the viewers can click and search through that.
2. Choose a different word for channels. Track, Line, dramas, operas. Anything! Or have two tabs.... one for dramas, one for movies.
3. Limit the face page layout for the dramas. You don't want the scroll down searching for more info. It needs to be right there, simple and concise. see they have really simple pages for each of thier dramas
4. Video index at the side of the main page or like the links at mysoju. We want to get them to the dramas as fast as we can. This could be the way to reduce 'helpers' on high volume dramas. It's not linked on the main page until it is done, and only the people who are working it have the link before then.
5. Think about where and if you are running add space.... Are you running it on all pages? Only on the video pages? Header, footer, banner? I really don't like the ad before the video.... and don't even get me started on pop-ups... argh!
6. I like the color scheme. I look forward to viewing the logo and how it will look on the banner.
7. I probably would change the forum to more of a how to section. Looks like you are leaving space on the dramas for comments, etc. If we are able to message each other and post stuff to how to video section that would be really effective. More so, I think, than the ask a question and hope someone can answer it...

Hope this has been helpful ;-)