Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hi Everyone, 

Welcome back!!! I have missed you all very dearly. Our Pomi, Soy, Maxis, Gurlzrule, ternetzi, shhh...and hopefully many more will come back this summer to help out our Heaven and Earth Fansubbing Group. As you have all enjoyed time away from our group...I think it is time that Zilly also enjoy a relaxing summer away from here too^^ I shall be taking off near the end of June for the summer and leaving Pomi, Soy, Maxis, & Willy in charge of our group.

Willy has been tracking our most current projects and assigments, etc. For most questions, he probably knows the answer. If you have any questions, just email us! Make sure all emails are send to ZillyPomi and cc Willy or vice versa.

All text highlighted in pink are instructions/assignements for the team to work on during the summer. An associated name/email will be send to our management team soon. Managers, if you have updates to the below projects, please just add the updates on this post by using text with a purple font.


Heaven and Earth Fansubbing Group New Team Members 2011:
  1. Willy: Communications Manager
  2. TO (TubeObsessed): Drama Writer, English Editor
  3. PK: Final Editor/Translator
  4. Dangermousie: Donor, Editor
There are many more new members, but Willy, TO, PK & Dangermousie has been outstanding!!!xD

Willy has set up our Heaven and Earth Fansubbing Group DropBox for our files.
  • All DropBox files should have the version # and the uploaders' name on it. If you are not sure about this, please ask Willy to clarify.
    • Here is an example: HSDS34.v1.PK
  • Willy: Please give access to Gurlzrule, Maxis, Dangermousie, Ternetzi if they comeback and ask for it. Also, please take access away from Chnent as she has never contribute to our projects. Thanks!

  • Timers & Encoders: All Episodes 23-40 for HSDS may need to be retimed. Please check!
  • Episodes 23-28 assigned to Soy for timing and encoding.
    • Soy: We NEED status update asap! Pomi can help you to encode. 
    • Pomi: contact Jon if he is available to help us encode.
  • Episodes 26 need to be checked as it was PK's first episode, if you have not encode it yet, please do not encode it.
  • Need Final Edits: Episodes 30, 35, 36, 37, 39, 40 
    • Gurlzrule assigned to Episodes 30 & 35
    • Maxis assigned to Episode 36 & 37
    • Whoever is available can work on Episodes 39 & 40.
  • Need to be Timed & Encode: Episodes 29, 31-34
  • Episode 38 assigned to FireBirdHui for Final Edits, expected to be complete in June.
    • Hui: Please email what you have translated as we need to check your first episode. Thanks!
The Myth: HD Video Release in Fall 2011
  • All episodes need to be timed & encode.
  • English Edits complete: Episodes 1-10 
  • Need Final Edits: Episodes 1-10
    • I suggest Pomi do final edits on Episode 1. It would be interesting to see how much your Chinese has improve from your China studies. 
  • Need clean English Subs: Epsiodes 12-50
    • Assigned to Dangermousie
    • Dangermousie: Do as much as you can, email to zillypomi, cc Willy and upload onto our DropBox. Thanks!
  • Need HD videos uploaded into our Megaupload account.
    • Assigned to Wren.
    • Pomi please check how many videos are uploaded & put the status right below this sentence. Thanks!
  • New iPartment Heaven and Earth Team
    • King: Project Manager, Translator, Editor, etc.
    • Cgem: Timer, Typsetter, Encoder, English Editor
    • Ternetzi: Timer, Translator
    • Willy: Coordinator & Manager of What!
    • Zilly: Chief Escaping Officer
  • Heaven and Earth & Doremii Released: Episodes 1-4
  • Need to contact Doremii. 
    • Assigned to Zilly :{
    • If Doremii wants to work on their own on iPartment, then we need to correct our subs and do final edits from Episodes 1-15 for us to release iPartment without violating our agreement. 
    • Probably best that we go our separate ways. 
      • I noticed that Doremii's released version is not as good Pomi's version. Pomi's timing is better, more in sync and has more spontaneousness for all the translated jokes. 
  • Pomi & Ternetzi has completed translations Episodes 1-15.
  • Need Editors, Translators, Timers, Encoders.
Butterfly Lovers:
Released: Episodes 1-2
  • In Progress: Episode 3
  • Have all Chinese subtitles for all episodes in pdf format. Donated by a very nice fan:) Once converted to text files, can easily translate the whole drama. I didn't have time to check the pdf files. But it should be good. They are in our zillypomi inbox. 
  • Need Final Editors/Translators.
Dwelling Narrowness (On Hold):
  • I have no idea where we are at on this project. Pomi should know. 
  • Need Final Editors/Translators.

As promised we are going to discuss with our team on what we should do with our funds. Finalized decision and execution will be in June. There are several options I have been thinking of.

Every team member must comment and vote on this!
  1. Keep the fund as is in our Paypal account.
  2. Distribute our fund to everyone (who wants it). Most of our members have earned about $20...the amount really depends on the amount of work contributed. 
    • We will figure a channel to distribute the fund. Or you can see the options below.
      • You can individually open a Paypal account. I do not recommend this as it will charge you fees for almost every deposit. I have no idea if it will charge you a fee also for a withdrawal as I have never withdraw from it before.
      • ZillyPomi send you a check or money order.
  3. Let ZillyPomi withdraw the fund and put it into a saving's account so it can collect interest. Interest just means more money for all of us :) As it is, the money is just collecting dust in our Paypal account. 
  4. Use the fund for our ZiMi project. 
  5. If you have other great ideas, please share with us!

If I remember anything else, I will post it here. But the most current projects are in our DropBox. Have a fun summer everyone :)


PS: What will happen to PK in September??!!??!!


Willy Sudiarto Raharjo said...

can't wait for PK's future status on this team :D

Heaven and Earth said...

I know, it can be so exciting...or... (^_^)

LiHaiPK9 said...

Oh gawd....I'm not coming back from NYC alive, am I? -_-

LiHaiPK9 said...

Btw, I vote option 3 for the funds. Nothing better than accruing interest on a large sum of money!

Unless you've already figured out how we're going to distribute them, Zilly?

AprilVo2010@gmail.com said...

Hi! Here is what I think we could do with the fund. Please leave the fund in the Paypal account (or wherever) and use it to support the site: buy hardware, hosting, software, whatever. I would never accept any distribution from the fund and wouldn't support its distribution to team members as we all are fan subbing just for fun only!


Maxis said...

Hi guys,
sorry for the late reply. Work is driving me insane! The previous hr staff botched up lots of things hence I will have to redo everything she did. I will be available in August on Weekends. I can help to translate and vet through the translations. :)


Heaven and Earth said...

Maxis!!! So good to hear from you finally. No problem, we currently have a good team, so no worries. Just drop by the chatbox and hangout to give newbies moral support if you have no time to do subs. I would love to hear about your new job!xD

PK: I actually would love to hear about your new job too lol^^ I don't know how you can change jobs in like 2 months. That is fast!!!