Monday, June 6, 2011

Good Morning Shanghai

Rating: ****.5

Genre: Romance
Episodes: 24
Cast: Shawn Yue, Jang Na Ra, Yan Kuan, Yang Xue

"You Hao Yun is a Korean who lives in Shanghai with her family. Her biggest dream is to become a famous pianist. Wanting to move away from her family Hao Yun and her friend Xiao Mei rents an apartment, but later she finds out that there is no empty apartment and that the estate agent had run away with their money. Not having time to take care of his son, Wang Zhi Hao offers Hao Yun a job as a nanny and a place to stay. So Hao Yun who is too afraid to tell her parents about the incident agrees to take the job as a nanny. So they sign a 3-month-contract... This is also a story about following your dreams and confronting your fears."

I think this is one of my favorite romance dramas ever.  Normally I don't like romances unless they are funny, but this one was really enjoyable.  Unlike some cliche dramas where the guy doesn't believe the girl until he finds out he was wrong, this drama highlights the importance of trust in a relationship.  Although there will be misunderstandings in a relationship, sometimes you just have to trust that your friends or the person you love wouldn't do anything to intentionally hurt you.  We live in a world in which we are guilty until proven innocent in the eyes of our most trusted friends.  Even though we should be giving the people we love the benefit of the doubt, we tend to think the worst in people.

Although this kind of plot has been used before, I find the story and characters quite unique.  The characters are round and the story is entertaining.  There are some things that aren't really realistic, but I can let it go since it's just a drama.

I do find it funny, though, that her family is supposed to be Korean yet none of the family members look Korean.  I don't know about other countries, but usually families speak their native language in their homes or a combination of their native language and the language of the country they are in.  I find it kind of odd that the family never really puts any Korean words or phrases into their every day language.  Even if families move to another country, they rarely let go of their native language completely in their own homes.  There was only two Korean phrases in the whole drama even though half of the characters were supposed to be Korean.

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