Monday, July 11, 2011

HDSD Episode 25 Release!

Hi everyone!

Heaven and Earth made a speedy release for Episode 25 of HSDS. Since this episode is encoded by me (Cgem), there maybe some modifications on how the episode appeared in the beginning from other release. Hopefully, that does not hinder you from dLing it.

Quick screenshot & links (no password) has been added to the download page of HSDS as well.

Also, Episode 24's password is removed as well. Enjoy!~
Thank you translators, editors, Zilly, and Willy for making this episode possible! =)


Heaven and Earth said...

Thank you Cgem for making this possible to the fans. Now make all our YouTube fans extra happy by uploading there. There was so much demand...unfortunately we didn't have the manpower to supply it in a timely manner. But we do really tried our best.

Willy Sudiarto Raharjo said...

Thank you Cgem for your hardwork on encoding this release in short time

Looking forward for future releases as well