Saturday, July 16, 2011

HSDS Episode 26 Release!

Another release for HSDS!~

For the download link: Click Here!

Nothing much to say, except for thank you Willy for the RAW and mirror links and Zilly & all who helped created the subs. ^^


Willy Sudiarto Raharjo said...

Thanks again to Cgem for quick release. We never had a release this fast before (only 5 days from previous release).

I started to think that Zilly's prediction is taking effects. This year is a great year for H&E :)

Heaven and Earth said...

Cgem...u r awesome!xD U r a true gem^^ Or...if u prefer...u r truly the greatest gem of Heaven & Earth ;D Or, The Greatest Gem on Heaven & Earth!!! Mmmm...I like that name:D

Heaven and Earth said...

And Cgem, let us know if u like that nickmname:D Most of our team have very interesting nicknames^^

And Willy, I know this year is gonna be a good year! We will finally finish HSDS this fall. Release iPartment, The Myth and more of Butterfly Lovers:)...if you can manage the team Zilly can finally sub and we might actually release Madame Chin. The subs for Madame Chin don't even need editing from ep1-20...20-25 are mostly complete, 20-28 are partially complete. So we actually really just need more encoders right now. I really hope someone will come along to help us out.