Thursday, July 28, 2011

July Gift: HSDS ep 29

Hello HSDS Fans!!!!!

We got another present for you this July and that's another HSDS episode. We think it's a great progress so that we can release so many episodes this month and we are hoping to finish HSDS project before the end of this year and move into another projects (you can see the list of projects on the right side of this blog)

As usual, it's encoded by Cgem as we haven't heard any news from Soy for the last few weeks. We really hoped she will come back to our team to fasten the process in the future. Big thanks to Cgem and wish her good luck for her interview thumbs up

Enough with the chit-chat and go to our HSDS page to download the latest episode of HSDS. Enjoy our July Gifts party

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Anonymous said...

awesome, I truly appreciate your work