Monday, December 12, 2011

Ballad of Suh Dong

Rating: ****

Genre: Drama, Period Drama, Historical
Episodes: 55
Cast: Han In Soo, Jo Hyun Jae, Koo Hye Sun, Lee Bo Young, Ryu Jin

""Sodongyo" is said to be one of Korea's oldest folk songs. According to Samgukyusa (The Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms) from the Silla Kingdom, the song was written by Sodong, a commoner from the Paekche Kingdom. Hearing that Princess Sonhwa, a daughter of King Chinpyong of the Silla Kingdom was beautiful, he writes a song saying that the princess visits Sodong's room every night and spreads the song around. When her father hears the song, he condemns the princess to exile. Sodong picks her up and takes her to Paekche, and they become the royal couple of the country."

Just hearing the synopsis of this drama really made me want to watch it.  The thought of a guy spreading around that song made me laugh pretty hard.  However, a viewer should remember that the actual story isn't always as wonderful as the synopsis.  The synopsis kind of makes it seem more silly than the actual story, but you mustn't be disappointed.  Although 55 episodes is a bit of a hard watch, it's definitely worthwhile.

Again, this review has been on the back burner for about a month so I kind of forgot about it for a while.  That being said, I kind of forgot some of the details by now.  However, this post will be updated if I can remember what I was going to say about it.

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