Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Beloved Christmas Gift For Someone Special

As I have promised many of my friends that has been asking about pictures and videos of my bunnies, here they are! I created Heavenly Bunny Blog today and today's post is my first and I will add more once I have time. I am adding a baby video and I hope it works!!! This video was taken when my bunny was about a week old.

Wow! The video was easy!!! Sorry the video is so low quality...but it was from my phone.

My bunnies gave birth to baby bunnies and I need good homes for them. Only serious and responsible buyers please! Price range is $50-$500 per bunny depending on which bunny. I have some special all white Netherlander and Lionhead bunnies. Sale price includes bunny, bunny photos & history, food supplies and 1 month of knowledgeable bunny care and advice from owner and future bunny sitting for a low fee.

You can contact me at: ZBunny868@gmail.com if you are interested and in the NYC area.

I have my first bunny about 4 years ago and I love them all, including all the new babies, but unfortunately I just don't have the time, space and enough love for all of them. Please only inquire if you can give a good home to my babies. My bunnies are awesome pets! They are quiet, loves cuddling and being petted, are toilet train and loves playing and going to the park!

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Thuy Dung said...

You got the cutest bunnies ever!!!! Too bad i'm not allow to have bunny or any pet in the house :/