Sunday, September 16, 2012

Stop SOPA! Please Sign the petition!

Sign Here: Demand Progress

It's us versus THEM again.
Hollywood attorneys are trying to use the courts to circumvent Congress and implement a backdoor SOPA/PIPA scheme.
Fight Back: YOUR FILES ON Google, Dropbox, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr, etc. and even your emails are in jeopardy.
We need to make sure the judge understands that his decision will affect millions of people.
Demand Progress is fighting back in the courts and standing up for Internet users. We are taking on the United States and the MPAA. Please click here to support our legal brief -- the court will be hearing the case TOMORROW.
BACKGROUND: One day after the Internet staged a massive blackout to protest Congress's Internet censorship legislation (SOPA/PIPA), the United States responded by seizing millions of ordinary user files hosted on the popular website
With an aim of shutting down Megaupload and other Cloud-based hosting services (like Dropbox, YouTube or even your email provider), the government is trying to claim website operators should face decades in prison for the misdeeds of some of their users.
But while they pursue trumped up criminal charges against the companies' founders, they are shutting down dozens of websites, and leaving ordinary Internet users without any way of retrieving their files.
Please click here to sign on as a supporter of Demand Progress's legal brief: The judge will be hearing the case TOMORROW, and we need to make sure he understands that his ruling affects millions of us.
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak called the case against Megaupload a "threat to innovation". Wozniak likened the Megaupload site to a highway and those who shared pirated movies and songs to speeding motorists.
"You don't just shut down the whole street because somebody is speeding," he said.
Numerous laws on the books already give copyright holders plenty of avenues to stop actual infringement, but that's not enough to satisfy Hollywood's lawyers and lobbyists.
And get this: The prosecutor in the case, Neil MacBride, previously served as the Anti-Piracy Vice President of the Business Software Alliance, where he represented the intellectual property interests of countless multinational corporations.
Now Hollywood's lobbyists, represented by the Motion Picture Association of America, want him to make it nearly impossible for ordinary Internet users to get their property back.
Please click here to sign on to our legal brief, and make sure the courts understand that millions of Internet users will be impacted by the judge's decision.
  - Written by theinternetvshollywood
More Info on why you should stop SOPA/PIPA:
Please also sign up here (or other petition's similar to this):
Soy's input: I encourage you to sign these petitions and support the stop of SOPA and PIPA, as this issue sort deals with us posting & subbing Asian drama's for people who want to watch Asian drama's in Eng subtitles for free and for people who have no access to to getting the drama's in you're country.  We are a non-profit group and only want to share the love for Asian drama's, so again, I hope that you do sign the petition so that you'll be able to get to see more Asian drama's with English subtitles in the future.
- soysuva ;3   If you're a staff of heaven and earth and you want to add you're input in the post, please feel free to do so.


Heaven and Earth said...

Thanks Soy! I will definitely take a look and support it. Just thinking of our lost MU acct upsets me >_<

mhegan kate said...

I will totally support your petition. I don't want my accounts to be lost. It's very essential for me.
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