Thursday, December 20, 2012

I hope everyone is doing well. As for me, this year has been a hit & miss of too many ups & downs for me...err...I am exhausted just thinking of it. Sorry I have been so busy and not able to work more in our projects. Currently I am looking for a job...just got turned down on my first choice...blahblahblah...but not my best choice so don't feel too bad for me:D I will keep on looking.  

As the year is ending, I hope you all have a more smooth year than me and hope next year will be a better one. Please feel free to share your memorable moments for 2012 and what you wish for next year in our comments area. 

Let me share my interesting moments of 2012 & wishes for 2013^^ 

Zilly2012Moments...Can you guess why these things happened???...There will be a reward for the winner^^

  1. My chair suddenly gave me a surprised massage O.O It is not a massaging chair!!!
  2. Due to certain events, I lost a job...yet I am not unemployed...WHY???
  3. Last few years, (from the job I just lost) in 2010 there was a fire at work, 2011 there was a fire and an explosion at work, then in 2012 there was a...can guess WHAT HAPPENED???...
I am sure there were more interesting and weird things that did happened to moi...but I can't remember it right now:P Now on to 2013 wishes...


  1. Get  a new & better job.
  2. Work on Zimi, I did not forget! I still plan on getting it working. We did buy the site this year.
  3. Work on our projects here.
  4. Have more time to watch dramas, sleep, eat and hang out with friends:D

ZillyNewYear'sEve... going to a Black & White Custom Party...can you guess what I will be wearing and who I will be????? .....What will you be doing during New Year's Eve???

ZillyMoi^^ I forgot the best part...ZillyRewards:D Winners can pick their choice of rewards. We will have 3 top winners of who can get the most answers right to all those Zilly'sWhatever:P And I also challenge anyone who can post a better guessing riddle better than Zilly(^_~) Guessing contest will end by Chinese New Year! 
  1. Clothing Item
  2. Accessory Item
  3. Jewelry
  4. The Myth Ep5 Release
  5. Picture of ZillyNewYear'sEve in Custom
  6. Name Your Prize (If Zilly deems it reasonable...u get your wish for 2013^^)

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~Nikki said...

ZILLLY!!! I hope you're doing okay ^O^ Keep your head up. I'm sure you'll find a good job~ Have a wonderful 2013 sorry I'm late. I've been having my own up and downs with school ugh I need to find a college soon to go to and SATS *sigh* Someday, maybe we'll meet :)