Tuesday, January 15, 2013

And she's back.... from Pluto

Hello everyone, it's TO :)

I hope you all had a wonderful, happy, and safe holiday.

I will finally get back to doing regular reviews later in the month.  I've finished about fifteen drama series over my break, but I haven't had a chance to review them.  As you might know, I moved to Connecticut almost a year ago.  Since then, I've been busy with job hunting and odd work that I've been able to find.  I've been filling in for a few people at work, so I've been working almost five days a week.  Thus, I've really had no time.  Even when I had time, it's not like reviewing was on my priority list haha.  Anyway, hopefully I'll be able to be a bit more consistent at least for a few months.

I'm also doing research while I can for a book I've been working on for the past few years.  I plan to self-publish if I can ever finish it.  So far, I only have two chapters completed, and a bunch of ideas.  Hopefully I'll be able to get the research I need finished in order to complete it.  It might take ten years >.<.  As you guys already know, I'm a really lazy bum.  If I sit at my computer, I'll just end up watching dramas or reading stories. =,="

What have you been up to?  Watch any good series lately?  Let me know if you have any suggestions for dramas I should watch.  I haven't had time to watch any current dramas since I've been trying to finish off the old dramas I have on my "watching" list.  I still have 19 dramas to finish, and some of them haven't been subtitled, so who knows if they will ever get off my list.


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Heaven and Earth said...

Welcome back TO!!! So glad to see you again!